Welcome to Volume 5, Number 1 of the VMware Technical Journal. This issue presents six articles that were co-written by VMware authors that were published elsewhere, and appear here with permission of the authors and the associations that originally published them. We thank them all for their consideration.

In this issue, we feature three system papers, one on performance, and two theory papers.


  • The Design and Implementation of Open vSwitch, by Pfatt et al (appeared in USENIX NSDI 2015) describes an open source virtual switch for multiple hypervisor platforms. Open vSwitch was designed specifically for networking in virtual environments, resulting in a major departure from traditional software switching design approaches.
  • Yesquel: Scalable SQL Storage for Web Applications, by Aguilera, Leners, and Walfish (appeared in ACM SOSP 2015) describes a novel approach to designing a database system that combines the scalability of NoSQL systems with the features of a SQL relational database.
  • Taming Uncertainty In Distributed Systems with Help from the Network, by Leners et al (appeared in ACM Eurosys 2015) describes a method of discovering and enforcing network partitions in software defined networks in order to minimize uncertainty.


  • Performance Analysis of Database Virtualization with the TPC-VMS Benchmark, by Deehr et al (appeared in TPCTC 2014) describes the experience and results of performing a TPC-VMS benchmark consisting of the TPC-E workload running on three OLTP database systems consolidated on a single server.


  • Byzantine Agreement with Optimal Early Stopping, Optimal Resilience and Polynomial Complexity, by Abraham and Dolev (appeared in ACM STOC 2015) describes a protocol that solves Byzantine agreement with optimal early stopping and optimal resilience using polynomial message size and computation.
  • Distributed Resource Discovery in Sub-Logarithmic Time, by Haeupler and Malkhi (appeared in ACM PODC 2015) presents a new distributed algorithm for the resource discovery problem that features significantly improved running time while maintaining an optimal message complexity.

We hope that you enjoy this issue of the VMware Technical Journal. As always, I welcome your comments.

Curt Kolovson
Co-Editor, VMware Technical Journal

Note: We regret that the original table of contents that appeared on page 1 in the Volume 5, Number 1 (January 2016) issue of the VMware Technical Journal contained some errors. In particular, some of the author’s names were incorrect.