Welcome to the Summer 2014 issue of the VMware Technical Journal (VMTJ). The main theme of this issue is the work of the VMware Ecosystems Engineering organization. We have five excellent papers from this team, which are introduced by our guest co-editor, T. Sridhar.

In addition, we are pleased to include a number of papers on a variety of topics related to VMware technology. These papers are indicative of the breadth and depth of the work being done at VMware.

“Scaling VMware View Management Operations: Analysis and Optimizations” by Agrawal and Mishra describes how the VMware View® R&D team developed support for a very large number (thousands) of View clients. “Scaling of Cloud Applications Using Machine Learning” by Padala et al. presents vScale, a technology that enables horizontal scaling of virtual machines for multitier applications to meet application-level service level objectives. “VProbes: Deep Observability into the VMware ESXi Hypervisor” by Carbone et al. presents an instrumentation system for observing the main layers of the VMware software stack: the guest OS, the Virtual Machine Monitor, and the VMware® ESXi™ kernel. “Automatic Discovery of Configuration Policies” by Jain and Frascadore describes a technique for automatically discovering configuration rules (“policies”) and the associated resource groups that the rules apply to in very large-scale data center environments. “Statistical Normalcy Determination Based on Data Categorization” by Marvasti et al. introduces a technique for data categorization with analysis tools that identify normalcy bounds, which is useful for automating anomaly detection, prediction, capacity planning, and root-cause analysis. These techniques are employed in our VMware® vCenter™ Operations Manager™ product. Finally, “VMware ESX Memory Resource Management: Swap” by Banerjee et al. describes the design of the VMware® ESX® swap subsystem, an integral part of ESX memory resource management.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of the VMTJ. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.


Curt Kolovson
Sr. Staff Research Scientist
VMware Academic Program

Editor’s Note: It has come to our attention that an article published in the June 2014 issue of the VMware Technical Journal entitled “VSRT: An SDN-Based Secure and Fast Multicast Routing Technique” was in fact based almost entirely on an article entitled “Avalanche: Data Center Multicast using Software Defined Networking” by Aakash Iyer, Praveen Kumar and Vijay Mann from IBM Research. A few paragraphs of background content were also copied from other sources. We deeply regret that we did not discover this fact until it was brought to our attention by the authors. We highly value our relationship with IBM, and wish to reassure IBM and others that VMware respects the intellectual property of others and plans to implement additional safeguards designed to prevent such an unfortunate incident from occurring in the future.