Welcome to the third volume of the VMware Technical Journal, which includes papers by VMware employees, interns and collaborators in academia. The breadth of papers presented reflects VMware’s focus on simplifying the delivery and consumption of applications, and the many problems and challenges associated with achieving this.

At the highest level, the mission of VMware is to develop the software that hides the complexity of physical and virtual infrastructure, i.e. servers, disks, networks, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, and allows our customers to simply, automatically manage their applications, their data and their users.

VMware’s strategy is simple.

The software defined data center (SDDC) empowers our customers to deliver their applications, with the right service levels, at the right price; flexibly, safely, securely and compliant. We use virtualization to separate the applications from the underlying physical infrastructure, and once separated we can automate their management. VMware Hybrid Cloud environments provide application owners with choices about where they run those applications—within their own data centers, on their own SDDCs, within VMware’s data centers or within our partners’. And finally End User Computing enables the safe and secure consumption of those applications, anytime, anyplace and on any device.

Realizing this vision is hard!

Success requires that VMware continues to innovate, and driving innovation is the primary purpose of the Office of the CTO here at VMware. Our mission is to drive thought leadership and to accelerate technology leadership. We do this through collaboration: with our product teams, with our customers and partners, and with academia. The goal is to sow the seeds for ideas and to cultivate them, no matter where they sprout. To put the right ideas, in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people, on the right trajectory to realize their potential and deliver the maximum value to our customers. Whether those ideas result in simple feature addition to existing products, or in fundamentally new businesses, the goal is to unleash ideas, and to enable all of VMware, and our collaborators outside, to participate.

The contributions to this third volume of VMware’s technical journal reflect this broad collaboration, and the scope of the challenge in making the SDDC real. From core hypervisor performance, i.e. performance at the point of supply, to the perceived performance of virtual desktops, i.e. performance at the point of consumption. From product quality to service discovery. Topics also include latency sensitive applications and Hadoop, reflecting that the SDDC must be a universal platform for all applications. These topics are being addressed by a broad range of contributors – VMware employees, interns and our academic research partners, reflecting the need for collaboration amongst the best and the brightest, no matter where they work, to make the vision a reality.

So with that, I’ll leave you with their papers. As always feedback is welcome.


Paul Strong, Vice President and Interim CTO