It’s my pleasure to introduce the second volume of the VMware Technical Journal. As VMware CEO and throughout my career I have emphasized the importance of engagement between industry and academia as an integral part of the “golden triangle” of innovation—organic innovation within dynamic companies alongside innovative research developments with universities and the passion of start-up environments. This volume of the Journal highlights how VMware taps into this approach, with many voices coming together to demonstrate the relationship between our academic research collaboration, internship programs and organic R&D efforts.

The journal begins with perspectives shared by collaborators at Georgia Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University and Ohio State University. Their contributions highlight research projects supported by VMware through a combination of financial sponsorship, software donations and participation by our engineers. VMware-sponsored projects such as these span multiple focus areas, such as cluster scheduling, performance monitoring and security in cloud and virtualized environments. We continue to identify new research opportunities, and our next RFP scheduled for Spring 2013 will provide a great opportunity for a number of researchers to begin new collaborative projects.

We then feature three papers written by past interns, describing the breadth of projects undertaken by these students while at VMware. Our internship program is a highly structured opportunity for outstanding students to work on a specially defined project, which often leads to significant output such as a research publication or product enhancement. The program fosters long-term relationships, with many interns participating in multiple internships and frequently joining VMware upon graduation. Our PhD interns often integrate their summer projects into their PhD relationships, which in turn contribute to our ongoing academic partnerships—an example of the golden triangle at work!

We close this edition with contributions from a number of VMware engineers. These perspectives share how innovation occurs in R&D, whether providing a historical perspective on a key component of VMware’s development infrastructure – FrobOS – or describing a new idea for leveraging social networking to efficiently manage large datacenters. Many of our engineers act as mentors to interns and also participate in research partnerships, thus reinforcing the relationship between every aspect of innovation.

We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we’ve enjoyed the collaboration and impact highlighted in the stories we share with you here. We welcome your comments and ideas for future articles—keep the input and innovation coming!


Pat Gelsinger
CEO, VMware