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VMware Education and the VMware IT Academy Program partner
with several organizations to provide learning resources to
schools enrolled in the vITA (VMware IT Academy) Program.




VMware Education partners with Gilmore Global to provide printed and electronic (eBooks) courseware.

A vITA Program Coordinator establishes a business relationship between their school organization and Gilmore Global to purchase vITA Program printed and eBooks.

vITA Students and Instructors can also purchase vITA eBooks directly from Gilmore Global.





The vITA Program partners with Network Development Group (NDG) to provide a lab environment for VMware courses.

The vITA Program recommends all schools consider the NDG NETLAB+ lab environment for teaching VMware and other ICT classes.





SIGMAnet, in collaboration with the VMware IT Academy Program enables academic institutions to purchase the necessary equipment and equipment solutions support for the VMware IT Academy. SIGMAnet is a top level VMware Gold Partner as well as a top-level solutions partner for all major computing and storage manufacturers. SIGMAnet is an education solutions provider for VMware, leveraging various major manufacturers. SIGMAnet is also the exclusive NETLAB+ server appliance Solution and Fulfillment partner globally. E-mail: AcademyOrders@SIGMAnet.com, or call SIGMAnet’s Academy Sales Team Tel: 909.230.7065 (direct) or Toll Free: (866) 554-5535.



VMware Education partners with Pearson Education to provide VMware certification exams.

vITA Students and Instructors can receive a 70% discount on VMware Certification exams.

Some VMware Certifications require class attendance or using a specific voucher.





CSSIA (Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance) is a National Distance Education and Lab Resource Partner for the VMware IT Academy Program.

CSSIA is also a National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) National Resource Center. Since 2003, CSSIA has provided students with real-world learning experiences in information assurance and network security through several program improvement supportive initiatives.








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