VMware IT Academy – Frequently Asked Questions


Starting Out

What is the cost to my college or teaching institution?

There is no cost to enroll or use VMware support forum resources. Schools may purchase courseware and other teaching resources directly from VMware’s content partners leveraging VMware’s economy of scale.

What content can I teach?

VMware IT Academy offerings match our commercial VCA and VCP-DCV offerings. For detailed descriptions of these courses, see: http://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrreg/index.cfm

What are the eligibility requirements?

Degree granting 2 or 4 year schools may participate.

Can schools participate in the eLearning part of the program only?

Yes, schools may choose to participate in either the eLearning, the Instructor Led VMware IT Academy Program or both.

Are there requirements on how often courses must be run?

No, schools may choose how often and when to run courses.

Is there a time limit for preparing to teach Instructor Led Courses?

No, school instructors may prepare at their own pace.

Do VMware IT Academy Instructors become VMware Certified Instructors (VCI)?

No. The VCI credential only applies to VMware’s commercial training program and organization. School instructors have the designation of VMware IT Academy Instructor.

Do VMware IT Academy Instructors obtain use of a logo?

Yes, a logo is available for VMware IT Academy Instructors as well as a logo for the school.

Do VMware IT Academy schools receive a certificate?

Yes, a printable certificate that may be framed and displayed by the school is provided via a pdf file.

What is the running time of a VMware course?

This is up to the school based on their academic calendar, but no more than 12 hours of instruction may be presented on a given course in one week (seven consecutive days).

Are the courses proven in a teaching environment?

Yes, the content offered for academies is the same as our VMware commercial training program. These courses were developed around specific job roles and taught by several hundred instructors internationally. There are also a large number of participating academies around the world.

How do I choose between eLearning and Instructor led training?

This is a choice that a school makes based on their curriculum needs. eLearning requires a lower commitment in time and resources from your academy, but does not currently qualify students to become VMware Certified. ILT will qualify your students to take VMware Certification examinations requiring class attendance and potentially become VMware Certified.

Who else is participating in the VMware Academic Programs?

Please use this search page.

The VMware IT Academy program is offered to degree granting schools who wish to teach virtualization courses. What does VMware offer for a more research focused institution?

The VMware Academic Program coordinates engagement and collaboration between VMware and research institutions. It offers a number of programs to support research initiatives, including research funding, lab affiliate program membership, graduate fellowships and conference sponsorship.

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Signing Up

What level within my educational organization can qualify to sign up my institution?

An authorized employee may apply on behalf of the school.

How do I sign up to provide ILT (Instructor Led Training)?

Go to the VMware IT Academy Registration page and complete the form. You will be contacted within 8 US business days advising of the status of your application and next steps.

I want my students to graduate with a VMware Certified Professional qualification, which program should I sign up for?

Only the ILT programs qualify a student to become VMware Certified. eLearning is recommended as a supplement for the instructor led training to help students prepare for the exam, but will not qualify a student to become VMware Certified.

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Becoming an Academy Instructor

What is the process to become a VMware IT Academy Instructor?

The instructor requests access to teaching resources and a VMware IT Academy Program Coordinator for the academic organization approves access for the instructor.

How do I access training materials for instructors?

Your organization’s VMware resource administrator grants you access to Powerpoint slides, course setup documents, and many other teaching resources. You request access to some instructor preparation resources such as recorded TTT (Train The Trainer) presentations.

How can I access hardware for my own use as an instructor-in-training?

Use the hardware you are going to use to teach. Temporary access to a remote lab environment may also be provided by NDG in cooperation with VMware. For details please see http://www.netdevgroup.com/content/vmita/.

What resources does VMware provide to support my training?

VMware provides instructor preparation resources such as recorded TTT (Train The Trainer) presentations and access to some VMware On Demand classes. In addition to getting assistance from VMware IT Academy Program Support Center organizations, IT Academy instructors around the world use an area of VMware Socialcast (coming soon!)

What formal qualifications are required if I am to teach a VMware IT Academy course?

VMware may require instructors pass a VMware Certification. Details found in VMware IT Academy Program online documentation.


Can an instructor obtain a discounted VMware Certification exam?

Yes. Instructors for a VMware IT Academy school can receive a voucher code for a 70% discount. Details found in VMware IT Academy Program online documentation.

When do I gain access to teaching resources?

You get full access after you complete the authorization process to teach the VMware course as a VMware IT Academy Instructor.

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Classroom Setup

How do I obtain teaching resources for my classroom?

The VMware IT Academy Program partners with several organizations to provide teaching resources.

How do I obtain and maintain valid licenses for my classroom?

VMware software licenses will be provided at little or no cost for teaching VMware IT Academy courses at participating institutions.

How do students obtain course manuals?

Each student will need their own books or ‘Student Kit’ provided by VMware’s content partners, Kivuto and Gilmore Global.  eBooks are available for selected courses. Students may purchase eBooks directly from a Kivuto or Gilmore Global website.

Printed course manuals are ordered by the school bookstore or similar organization, and sold or redistributed to students.

Gilmore produces printed course material using a ‘just in time’ printing method where they print on demand assuring that students always obtain the latest update. Schools order a few weeks in advance to take advantage of the lowest shipping price possible. The buy/sell relationship is between the school and Gilmore.

Is a VMware IT Academy Program student from my school recognized by VMware?

Yes. A record is created in VMware Education’s database system (myLearn) when the student registers for the VMware certification exam. For VCP-DCV exams, IT Academy students must take the “Academic Only” VCP-DCV exam using a VMware IT Academy Program voucher code.

How do students register in a VMware IT Academy Program class at my school?

Using your organization’s processes. IT Academy students do not enroll in classes in VMware Education’s database system (myLearn)

Can a student receive a discounted VMware Certification exam?

Yes. Students can receive a 70% discount code. The student then redeems the voucher code by registering for a VMware exam via the specified web page.

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Support and Progress

What is a VMware IT Academy Program Coordinator?

The person who enrolls a school organization in the VMware IT Academy Program becomes the Coordinator for that school organization. The Coordinator defines the other people that are part of the VMware IT Academy Program at their school organization.


What are VMware IT Academy Program Support Centers?

Some VMware IT Academy Program schools act as “Support Centers” for other schools. Your school can engage one of these schools for support and training.

Where can I turn for help with VMware course content questions?

In addition to getting assistance from VMware IT Academy Program Support Centers, IT Academy instructors around the world use an area of VMware Socialcast (coming soon!)

Where can I find examples of Syllabus structures other colleges have used to incorporate VMware courses into their degree or diploma programs?

Search the VMware Technology Network, VMTN, as some trainers have posted examples of their Syllabus.

Is there any ongoing assessment of the college as a VMware IT Academy?

VMware will use the following metrics to determine how the program moves forward: # of students participating over time; # of students completing certifications over time; Quality Ratings ≥ Commercial Scores as measured by student feedback scores; Academy members and student direct program feedback.

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This document only applies to current vITA (VMware IT Academy) Program and/or VMware Academic Program (VMAP) students, staff, or instructors. VMware makes no guarantees related to the accuracy of this document. Any vITA Program or VMAP document or process can change at any time without notification.