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Registration Process Overview

The VMware IT Academy Program registration process includes these steps:

  1. The academic institution reads the appropriate IT Academy Program Agreement. The academic institution submits anĀ online registration (below).

  3. VMware reviews the online registration and approves or rejects it.

  5. If approved, VMware sends the academic institution a welcome email. If rejected, VMware sends a rejection email.




VMware analyzes potential VMware IT Academy candidates according to specific criteria, including:

  • Accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions worldwide offering 2- or 4- year college programs and in some cases high schools are eligible to participate in the program

  • Technical schools offering accredited degrees through distance education programs are also eligible to participate in the program

  • Institutions that agree to only offer VMware training according to an academic calendar (no more than 12 hours per week of lecture and lab) using VMware IT Academy Instructors – see Program Guide for details.



Please review the VMware IT Academy Program Guide




To join the VMware IT Academy
Program, you must complete
the two step process below:


Step 1:

Download and read the VMware IT Academy Program Agreement pdf file below.

Click on your location:


Step 2:

You must click on the correct link below:

Note: You may need to login to any Google user account before you can see
the contents of this VMware IT Academy Program Google document (link above).





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=== Notice ===

The vITA (VMware IT Academy) Program Agreements above are the ONLY official copies.
Any file from any other source (even www.vmware.com) is an unofficial copy.

This document only applies to current vITA (VMware IT Academy) Program and/or VMware Academic Program (VMAP) students, staff, or instructors. VMware makes no guarantees related to the accuracy of this document. Any vITA Program or VMAP document or process can change at any time without notification.