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VMware Technical Journal, Winter 2012

The VMware Technical Journal was created to share details of interesting projects and products, share our passion for virtualization and cloud computing and celebrate the innovation occurring all around our industry.

RDMA Performance in Virtual Machines using QDR InfiniBand on VMware vSphere 5

While high bandwidth, low latency communication has long been important for High Performance Computing, it is now becoming increasingly important in modern, scale-out Enterprise and Cloud environments. This research report from the VMware Office of the CTO reports performance results using Mellanox QDR InfiniBand in Red Hat guests…

Performance Evaluation of HPC Benchmarks on VMware’s ESXi Server

A major obstacle to virtualizing HPC workloads is a concern about the performance loss due to virtualization. We will demonstrate that new features significantly enhance the performance and scalability of virtualized HPC workloads on VMware’s virtualization platform.