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MLbase: A Distributed Machine-learning System

Machine learning (ML) and statistical techniques are key to transforming big data into actionable knowledge. In spite of the modern primacy of data, the complexity of existing ML algorithms is often overwhelming—many users do not understand the trade-offs and challenges of parameterizing and choosing between different learning techniques.

First Annual VMware Academic Symposium

On September 26 and 27th 2012, VMAP hosted the first Academic Research Symposium. This was an opportunity for both VMware engineers and academic partners to come together and share research in VMware's key areas of work. The VMware academic community has grown during this past year.

vHadoop: Fire Hadoop in the Cloud

Apache Hadoop has been running for years on bare metal environments with commodity hardware in the big data industry. With the growing tendency towards the cloud, there is a stronger requirement to build Hadoop clusters in virtualized environments so as to benefit from automation, multi-tenant resource share, etc.…