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Wavemaker Integration for vCenter Orchestrator

Wavemaker Integration for vCenter Orchestrator


This Fling enables you to easily run vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) workflows from within Wavemaker web applications. It covers much of the Workflow Presentation dialogs available in vCO, with Java services exposing the main vCO functionality. Additionally, you get a demo application.


  • Widget library for Wavemaker
  • Java services, exposing the main vCO API functions
  • WaveOperator demo project, mimicking the popular WebOperator vCO application, and extending it to new and exciting capabilities.

Github Project


System Requirements

  • vCenter Orchestrator 5.5
  • WaveMaker 6.7.0


  • Download sources from GitHub project
  • Follow the detailed build instructions on the GitHub Wiki


Change Log


Ivan Donchev

vCO Team

Igor Stoyanov

vCAC Team
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2 thoughts on “Wavemaker Integration for vCenter Orchestrator

  1. mschubi

    thats a cool fling. but i have a problem to import the vco.zip
    During WaveMAker Upload i get “Error Unable to load /ConfigurationTool/Install/Service.download status:500”
    If i restart now the Wavemaker Service the service do not start again and i have to reinstall wavemaker.

    Anybody an idea?

    best regards,


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