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VMware Zimbra for Android (VZA)

VMware Zimbra for Android (VZA)


This Fling has been released as a product and is no longer available on the Flings page. You can purchase the app at the Google Play Store.

Archived text:

VMware Zimbra for Android (VZA) is a native Android collaboration application that allows you to access your email, calendar, contacts, tasks and files from any Android device, specifically smartphones and tablets. VZA supports any Microsoft ActiveSync compliant email server and also supports the VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). With ZCS as the backend, VZA offers several additional ZCS-only features such as Briefcase, Saved Searches, etc. that are not available in any of the Android email applications in the market today.

VZA was tested with Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 and Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.x and 7.x. It supports Android 2.x and 3.x.

Check out the video to get an overview of some of the features but more than anything else, download and give it a spin. We welcome your feedback.

System Requirements

VZA will work with Android 2.1 and above.


  1. VZA requires an ActiveSync enabled email client to be present on your Android device.
  2. Since VZA is distributed as a fling and available outside the Android Marketplace, you will need to enable your device to install applications from “unknown sources.” This option is typically accessible from Settings->Applications on your Android device.


Change Log

Version 1.28

  • S/MIME support
  • Certificate-based authentication
  • Stock Contacts & Calendar integration
  • SDCard Installation support


Chitong Chung


Ben Kolin

R&D Platform User Interface
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212 thoughts on “VMware Zimbra for Android (VZA)

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  2. Ronaldol

    Hi to all members on this community i am thanks to the administrator of this forum for approve my account i am sure here i got better knowledge thanks again. My name is Ronald.

  3. Clayton Dillard

    when is the next release planned? This app has potential but needs some fixes. It also needs to be put in the app store.

  4. Julie

    I will immediately clutch your rss as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any?
    Kindly allow me recognize in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  5. Mike

    My college uses Zimbra and until they upgraded to Zimbra for VMware, I was receiving mail fine. Now when I tried to re-install the account, after I get the message about allowing the remote administrator to be able to wipe the device, I have to encrypt the files on my SD card? What is up with that? Is there a way around it? The SysAdmin at my college says he is not requiring that.

  6. Siddharth

    App is good but needs more development
    Icons look old and app look and feel is not good

    It lacks basic functionality such as not able to set up a signature for outbound mails

  7. Paulo

    Guys, the fact that this forces your main screen to have a lock on it is not cool. I understand the concerns regarding safety but ultimately I would rather have the PIN when I open the app rather than locking my whole phone because of this APP.

    There should also be instructions regarding the process to remove that from your phone. I managed to remove the app, but now I am stuck with a damn PIN on my lock screen…

    1. withanHdammit

      This is an ActiveSync rule sent down by your mail server, it is not because of this app. This is pretty standard for an ActiveSync type connection.

      If you uninstalled the app, just go into your device security settings and turn off the PIN lock.

  8. bizza

    Please update the app, or simply make it as not more developed.
    I loved it but it don’t works on S3 and zimbra 8, and it needs some bugfix on older android devices and zimbra 7.x

  9. Simon

    This software does not work anymore on version 8 of Zimbra NE, it requested an update security settings. Thank you for patching quickly if possible.

    1. withanHdammit

      +1 for Zimbra 8 support. I just upgraded tonight from ZCS 7 to ZCS 8 and can’t use this app any longer.

      I also miss not having a way to send something directly to SPAM.

  10. Jerry Breaud

    VZA v 1.285 does NOT work on Samsung Galaxy S III or Motorola Xoom. Version 1.0 works on Motorola Xoom tablet. How can I get v 1.0 to install on my new Samsung Galaxy S II?



  11. David Lefebvre

    I just bought the Galaxy S III which runs ICS. Any idea when ZDA will support ICS?

    I mean, even with the multiple crashes I think ZDA is a great client. The new export to native calendar and address book is a great idea for dialing through voice recognition. But again, when I tried to set it up ZDA would no longer start.

    Anyway, just a timeframe would be great.

  12. Matt Dreyer

    I’m running Droid 2.3.6 on a Motorola Atrix phone and I am having problems with the Zimbra app draining the battery. I have Juice Defender notifying me that the application has been running for 45 minutes or longer. I see this problem at least once each week and if I don’t, I know that it happened as my battery will have gone dead.

    I’m running Zimbra for Android v1.285. I would love to see a new version come out that addresses the long running process issue that I am seeing.


  13. Marko

    Hello, are there any updates in progress with respect to ICS 4.0? This is a great application, but there are several bugs in e-mail (failure to synchronise certain e-mails), calendar (failure to synchronise and properly show recurring appointments, freezing when integrating with phone calendar) and tasks (failure to synchronise some of completed tasks). Some minor issues, as for example removal of envelope from the notification bar after the message was read, a choice from several postponing times (no just default dismiss and postpone), at least two different skins, etc. would be nice to have too.

  14. Yunyun

    How can I find zimbra icon and put it on my phone page? I couldn’t find the icon in “Apps”. Also is it possible I could change the background from black to something else? Thanks!

  15. Wai-Pui Law

    Dear VZA Developers,

    I would like to confirm whether the VMware Zimbra for Android (VAZ) works with the Android 4.0 (ICS) or not.

    Your early reply is appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  16. Mariano Costa

    Hello, i installed today this app but i can unintall it. Any one can help me with this? Also i want to get back my patrn lock plzz. Thnx to all for the replies

    1. Randy Tung

      I have the same issue. The VZA crashes every time when I try to bring it up. And I also cannot uninstall it (uninstall button is grayed out in the Settings->APP). Help.

      1. Steve Mueller

        The Zimbra app is configured to be a device administrator, which is why all of your uninstall options are greyed out. To uninstall the app, you must first deactivate its administrator role on the phone.

        For pre-ICS Android phones:
        Settings –> Location & Security –> Device administrators –> Zimbra: deactivate the administrator

        For ICS and later Android phones:
        Settings –> Security –> Device administrators –> Zimbra: deactivate the administrator

        Once you have removed Zimbra as a device administrator, you can proceed with a normal uninstallation of the app from your phone.

  17. Christoph

    We are using zimbra on none default port (for security reason). I found no way to configure the port in the app. I tried:
    but it doesn’t work.

    A port configuration would be a nice enhancement.

  18. Sam Wheeler!

    Great app and excellent for integrating our Android devices.

    I am however having an issue with a Samsung Galaxy Xcover. It is pulling down multiple (5) copies of each email!

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  19. Rich Schmitt

    I don’t see a way to change the port to something other then the default. With Zimbra desktop I can. Is this possible?


  20. Xavier Arroyo

    If you recieve an e-mail, and it has special characters in the name of the contact like ñ and you reply to that mail, in the contact it will show as a bad contact with a lot of letters.. fix it

  21. Xavier Arroyo

    When VMware will release an updated version??? I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and to me it looks like the performance is not Ok on battery usage!

    1. philip henderson

      We were having issues with the Galaxy s2 and battery life as well. In our case, re-occurring calendar appointments with no end dates were the cause. These appointments were migrated from Outlook and were causing the phone to continuously sync and drain the battery. After the users updated the appointments within Zimbra battery consumption returned to normal.

  22. Bruce Wolfe

    My Acer A500 tablet was upgraded to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. The app stopped working and cannot be uninstalled.

    Please advise.

    1. Bruce Wolfe

      You need to deactivate it in the System Administrator settings in Android’s main settings in order to uninstall.

      Also, notes above state it will only work through 3.0.

  23. DE-ISZK

    Version 1.28 works great with Zimbra 7.0.0, but when I try to use Out of office function, it results: “Unable to refresh: HTTP Error=501”

    On server side there is:
    2012-04-26 11:17:58,426 INFO [btpool0-2482://zimbra.***/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?Cmd=Settings&User=***&DeviceId=androidc***&DeviceType=Android] [name=***@zimbra.***;mid=29;Cmd=Settings;DeviceID=androidc***;Version=12.0;] sync – HTTP/1.1 501 Command Settingsnot implemented

    Keep up the good work!

  24. Lauren Malhoit

    I really like this client! Only having one issue, which is when the widget is appearing on my home screen (i.e. I don’t have the app actually open) it says “No upcoming calendar events.” However, I do have upcoming events. Any way to fix that?


  25. Jlveinka

    I have problems with my domain which cannot detect it my team-p350g has the version of Android 2.2.2; can m aydar to solve this problem?

  26. Frank

    have been using the software since first release last year but now I had to uninstall the package because on Android 4.0.4 on my Nexus S the package drained my battery within 4 hours. In the past the battery lasted about 15 hours or so.

    Will likely reinstall if the product is updated, but that does not look likely :(


  27. Craig

    Devs – has there been any talk of newer version yet?

    There have been quite a few bugs identified/requests for change since the last roll-out.

    I would LOVE to have my folks migrate to this app – but can’t “bless” it at this point ( given just my own posts to this forum let alone other bug/requests from other folks)

  28. Mike M

    I tried many email apps for Android – this one really works! Connected with Zimbra server no problem. Intuitive interface. Love it.
    Thanks guys!!


  29. RYK0

    This app is perfect. Installs and configures in a snap. Works well on LG Vortex VS660 connecting to Zimbra 7.1.4_GA_2555.

  30. Frank

    I have this installed on my Samsung Tab 10.1. the one problem I have with it is that it doesn’t open up my briefcase properly and causes a force close error. additionally would like to see an option to disable push email.

  31. 50asm



  32. Fernando

    This app works fine in my Samsung Galaxy S2, but I don’t like that any time I unlock my cell I have to enter the 4 digit access code

    I think that only when I open this app I should enter that code.

    Is it possible?

    1. Chrisg

      That is a function of the zimbra server, the administrators configure the access and how “tight” they want the security on your phone to be. Nothing you can do about it.

      This app is working perfectly on my GalaxyS2, thanks very much!

  33. Brandon

    For some reason the calendar is showing my appointments 6 hours ahead of time, and it’s not displaying the recurring appointments. Any ideas?


  34. Oskar Hajek

    tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250 – crashes …. (Android Version 4.0.2)
    has anybody else different experience?

  35. Susan Hennessy

    After I got it up and running, I spent the weekend playing with it on a couple of different devices (Droid Bionic & Kindle Fire). I had one FC issue, but I don’t remember what I did that led up to that. I really like it! My technical Exec is also using it, and we’ve recommended it to other Android users in our company. I only have one complaint – I need to be able to look at shared calendars when scheduling PS engagements, and answer the question “Will Dave be available in a month for a 3 week gig?”. I can’t do that with VZA as it only shows my calendar. If anyone knows of a way to make this happen, I’m all ears. Otherwise, kudos to the team!

  36. Susan Hennessy

    Can anyone point me to where I might find installation logs and/or installation guidelines? I can’t connect to the server and I don’t know why. The domain is optional, but what domain is it looking for? DNS? AD? Zimbra mail domain? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  37. Jamin Collins

    Any chance of setting a Zimbra specific User-Agent string or perhaps making it user configurable. Seems the current User-Agent is similar to that of Enhanced Email and as a result the Zimbra client is lumped in with User-Agent filters attempting to block Enhanced Email clients.

  38. Craig

    In the comment posted by Depak on July1, 2011 this topic was addressed – but there has been no change.

    Is there a plan to be able to subscribe or select which folders can automatically (push) sync.

    For those of us that utilize sub-folders ( and filters to push emails to those sub-folders) this is a big deal.

    I REALLY want to use this app as my deafacto email app for work. However, if this and a few of the other bugs (specifically saved searches) i have mentioned aren’t going to be addressed – I’ll have to go back to Touchdown.

  39. Craig

    So, I have a SAVED SEARCH (filter) for all UNREAD EMAIL.

    In the app if I hit the Filters icon (folder with the spyglass) I repeatedly crash and receive the following error “Sorry! The application process.com.vmware.ewsc.android) has stopped unexpectedly. Please tray again” with FORSE CLOSE button at bottom.

    Any idea why saved searches don’t work – or any idea when this bug will be addressed?

      1. Craig

        For me to keep this app – yes – I (and others in my organization) need this functionality.

        Reason being – since I can not properly Sync all sub folders without manually pressing refresh – the hope would be that hitting my UNREAD SAVED SEARCH would give me the mail in my sub folders.

  40. Dmitry

    Hello. I use zimbra as backend server in my network with nginx frontend server, which forwards 80 port to zimbra server, and web interface with mail works fine.
    What ports should I forward by iptables at my gateway from internet to zimbra mail server?

  41. Craig

    OK – so I may have found my first issue.

    Unless I am missing it, I don’t see where I can search the GAL.

    I see, both in composing a new mail and just in contacts, where I can search MY contacts but not where I can search the GAL.

    Any help with this Devs?


    1. chitong chung

      when enter an email address in composing, auto-complete looks up GAL.
      In Contacts, tap on the directory tab to do GAL search

      1. Craig

        What about the ability to search OTHER contacts – for example – contacts that have been shared to you and you are subscribed to?

  42. Craig

    BRIEFCASES on my phone!

    The Dev crew for this app has done a stellar job.

    Every time I THINK I come across a piece of functionality that it cannot do – I find it and am proved wrong.

  43. Christoph

    Hi there,

    great app, but I have exactly the same issue as I had with Touchdown. Very strange. Client downloads a certain amount of emails, and then it stops and does not sync any further. Emails where synced up to yesterday evening, everything what came afterwards is not synced anymore. Strange. App crashes when I want to Get Logs.
    Although it does not sync anymore, it creates constant traffic…..


  44. Arunvijai

    Is there anyway to customize the Inbox look? By default, it is grouping by subject, is it possible to view only by Date and time?

  45. Neil

    Just installed v1.28 on HTC Incredible. Great app so far, but sorely need Zimbra shared calendar support…

  46. Fred Freemantlw

    Excellent work, has a little instability on ICS 4 when installed it did crash. But just restart app, setup and it works very well. And also now with conversation view on mail with ICS again, access to files in Briefcase, truly excellent work.

    1. Chuck

      Not to complain, but this is the only advantage that some of the other apps have over this one. Once, this has been added, this will be the best android email/contact/calendar app hands down!!

      The developers have really done a great job on this one!!

  47. Barney Lerten

    It’s 1.28, not sure when posted, they just forgot(?) to change the date of the version to the new date(?)

    Anyway, my biggest grumble – notifications are turned off but continue to show for EACH E-MAIL in top line, plus the constant battery-draining syncing — are, alas, not fixed.

    But maybe some things others were seeking are better now? I deleted old app, downloaded new one and all seems well (other than above;-)

  48. Trevor Gerdes

    It seems to only see my top level contacts. It will not sync contacts in sub folders ie Contacts/Personal/. Is this a known issue?

  49. Stepan

    Unable to open connection to mail server: Server Internal Error
    my mail domain zm.local is inside my local network. Server sertificate is self-signed.
    I’m trying to connect inside my network via Wi-Fi and from WAN (static external IP) – ant get same error…. How to resolve this issue?

    1. Stepan

      Do I need to have a valid DNS-record for my zimbra mail server and this record need to be resolved via global DNS servers?

  50. Aleks Rudzitis

    Is there a way to disable new email messages from appearing in the notifications section?

    I know how to configure VZA to not vibrate or make a sound, but I am still alerted to new email messages in the notifications area of my phone. Is there a way to disable this?

      1. Barney Lerten

        I know, and that’s why it’s draining my battery (and no doubt upping my data use). Please consider strongly making it possible to check mail ONLY when I open the app, to avoid both issues. Otherwise I’ll have to delete the app and get my work e-mail through the phone’s native client, where I have far more flexibility in how often mail is checked. Why have a ‘notification off’ option if it doesn’t turn it off? Hope you’re able to make those few changes in a great app for 2012. Thanks.

  51. Chuck

    Am I the only one that is running into issues downloading attachments?

    When I open PDF’s, WAV files etc… the app crashes.

    I am on Android 2.3.7


  52. chitong

    We are almost ready to release a new build, stay tuned.
    New features include:
    S/MIME support
    Certificate-based authentication
    Stock Contacts & Calendar integration

    1. Barney Lerten

      Cool! Still not thru Android market though right? Reason I ask is, that placement makes updates simple. Will we early adopters have to uninstall-reinstall or?? (Our co., News-Press Gazette, finally got the app working with our phones, which is great. I’d been using the mobile Web browser version and while it looks fine, it occasionally would lock on me and the to: fields etc. were just 2 small for Mr. Fat Fingers, so it took seemingly forever to just forward an e-mail. It’s far nicer in the app, great job!;-) (Oh, but there’s no way to see how many unread in the inbox, for example, right? Unlike the Web client?)

      1. Barney Lerten

        But as we wait to hear how the new build shows up, I too plead that the ‘auto-notification’ and CONSTANT syncing be switched off/made optional. I love getting to work e-mail, but I’ve never had my Android phone’s battery drain so fast before! Also – is there a place to sign up for an e-mail to be notified when new version(s) come out? That’d be nice.

        1. Barney Lerten

          Waaaaait a minute. Did they put the new version here (1.28) but forget to change the post date atop the page? Chitong’s list is what the change log shows for it:

          S/MIME support
          Certificate-based authentication
          Stock Contacts & Calendar integration
          SDCard Installation support
          Hello, Chitong? Anybody??? IS THE NEW VERSION POSTED UNDER OLD DATE? Please advise!!!

  53. MDiPeppino

    My Samsung Epic 4G and ZMail Cloud are now more completely talking after downloading VZA. My combined calendar is being updated by pushing or pulling from decktop or handset. Email worked before VZA, but not calendar handset to desktop; tasks did push/pull at all before VZA. I’ll keep testing, but so far so good.

  54. max

    Contacts stored in folders administered by other users on my companys zimbra network edition server but shared with me and easily accessible from web/desktop version do not appear. Clicked on Contacts -> expand, still nothing. Are shared contacts accessible through this version? How do I access?

  55. EPL

    A Zimbra client for Android has been long awaited, and this app represents a great first version. It does everything Touchdown does, and it’s faster, smaller, and cheaper.

    Presentation and feature set should evolve, but I recommend the following as high priorities: finer control of sync frequency, ability to sync messages old than 1 month (including an option for syncing everything), and easier switching between mail folders.

    I desperately hope VMware will make the decision to support this item in the long term.

  56. Shawn McCoy

    I’ve been using this app for the past week with our new Zimbra server and I have to say this is a great app. I like having access to all of my mail folders, calendar, contacts and GAL. I really hope you guys come out with a new supported version of this.

  57. Michelle

    I was really excited by the promise of a Zimbra app, because we have many users with Android 2.3 phones that can’t authenticate & would like to find a solution for them. However, this app continually used ~50% of my phone’s system resources and slowed the phone way down, which is unacceptable, so I had to uninstall it.

  58. Sameh

    Does not work for me, using brinkster which hosts Zimbra email server, set all the possible settings, then get unable to connect, and sometime internal server error, I have bad experience with zimbra email server, maybe it is due to brinkster but is very slow email and unreliable.
    waiting for the fix
    NB: I can connect from other application using POP or IMAP but not from zimbra app for android.

  59. bmill

    I really like the functionality and ease of use but I don’t really like how the calendar widget is setup. It shows your next appt by default and when you tap it to view your calendar, it takes you to the next appointment date. I want to be able to tap the widget and launch today’s date…It would also be helpful to have various sizes for tablets..like a “Week display” widget or something like that

        1. Brian

          Third. Anyone? I like the Zimbra Android app when I install it, but it seems to get bogged down after a while and requires that I uninstall it and start over. I would love to have a new version come out to at least let us know that its still on somebody’s plate.

  60. Landis Arnold

    I am getting mail no problem but ANy Calendar Events or Tasks entered from Android do not go to Zimbra Desktop or Web.

    Using Full version Zimbra (01.com) host.

    Possible issue is that I am using an aliased domain as my primary email and login. This allows me to send email from the secondary (actually primary) domain… guessing however that calendar/tasks don’t route correctly. They do seem to work w/ Desktop and Web do post to each other (seem to work off primary domain and allow chosing of aliased domain persona).

    Also, Desktop created calendar events do show up in my VZA calendar. Just not the reciprocal (VZA events onto Desktop).

    How to proceed?

  61. hourglass

    We just switched (this week) to a zimbra server at work so I installed this software.
    First of all, the sync seems to work fine for email, contacts, calendar etc. This is great. Seems fast (enough) on a Motorola Milestone with Android 2.2.

    There is just one issue: I cannot have a combined view of my Zimbra and my other google calendar. Combined view of the contacts works however. It makes a bit useless… But I can’t see my google calendar in Zimbra, or my Zimbra calendar in calendar apps…
    Any clue? Thanks

  62. Sylvain

    After entering all, I get
    “Unable to open connection to server. Server Internal error”

    My serveur is a Zimbra OSE 6

    Thanks for your work, but did you tried the gmail app ?
    – it works with free accounts
    – it uses https port (included in my “web only” data plan)
    – quick and easy to use

    The perfect vza app would do the same.

    1. Fred

      Hi Sylvain,

      You can only have ActiveSync (Mobile Sync) with ZCS, Network Edition. It is currently not available with the Open Source Edition. So, VZA app will not work with your server.

  63. Amanda Blevins

    I have many folders other than Inbox. The Zimbra App for Android does not list all of the folders that I have created in my Zimbra mailbox. Also, if I try to perform a manual sync on any folder, the sync is not successful and there is no error message associated with the sync failure.

    1. natraj

      Open Zimbra and Select Folders now you should be able to see a small circle with an arrow mark, select it and you should be able to choose your folders.


  64. Marcos

    My Zimbra server is a 7
    He is not integrated with Active Directory follows below error

    [INFO] [EmailServiceProxy] [12:04:40.504] Service SyncManager bind requested
    [INFO] [SyncManager] [12:04:40.573]! EAS SyncManager, onCreate
    [INFO] [EmailServiceProxy] [12:04:40.598] Service SyncManager connected
    [INFO] [SyncManager] [12:04:40.617] Starting validate
    [INFO] [AbstractSyncService] [12:04:40.620] Validating SAS:, softcorp@afecc.org.br, ssl = 0
    [INFO] [EasSyncService] [12:04:40.648] EAS
    [INFO] [AbstractSyncService] [12:04:45.033] Validation (OPTIONS) response: 500
    [INFO] [SyncManager] [12:04:45.043]! EAS SyncManager, onDestroy

  65. Kasper Hettinga

    I really like this app, looks nice and works quite well. I just have a few suggestions for improvement:

    -as others have also noted, calendar entries are shown twice (although if I choose “Agenda” I don’t have this problem).
    -on every reboot of the phone, I get a message telling me my security settings need updating. If I click it, it just disappears. VZA has no problem connecting to my Exchange server (I did activate administrator privileges on the first setup of VZA).
    -it would be nice if the calendar could be integrated in the stock android calendar (I don’t see VZA in the list of available calendars to show).
    -in the synchronization settings of android, I can enable/disable VZA. But even if it is set to disabled, push mail still arrives, so the sync setting is not shutting down the VZA connection completely.
    -silent times (in which VZA is shutdown/not connected at all) would make it perfect :)

  66. haim chibotero

    I just found that it’s not possible to see the content of deleted emails and also its not possible to move them back to inbox
    u get an error when trying to do so


  67. Joe Adams

    The one main thing that I dont like is that it enforces a lock on your entire phone, per your our corp policy. Touchdown enforces it on the app level. So instead of locking your entire phone, and having to put a passcode in to unlock your phone, I would suggest that it be more granulated down to the Zimbra App. I dont want to use the passcode to get into my phone every time, just my corp email. I can understand that some corps might want to lock the whole phone, but I would prefer the choice to lock either the app or the entire phone.

    1. Fernando

      I agree with Joe. I don’t like to enter my code every time I unlock my cell.
      For instance, the app TouchDown works properly. It just ask for the code only if I open that app

  68. Hal Rottenberg

    As people have said here and on the VZA forums, this is a great first release. However, there have been many suggestions and bug reports and I’d love to see Zimbra follow this up with an actual app in the Android Market with a regular release schedule. Perhaps as important is that you have someone “staff” the forums. There are plenty of dead threads waiting for someone in an official capacity to reply to them.

    1. John

      Totally agree here. Kind of a frustrating situation. I’ve been using the app for a little over a month on my Droid2 to connect to our Zimbra server (with zpush / zimbra backend). Overall I really like it and haven’t had any major problems to speak of. However, it is not perfect and could use some additional features, many of which have been mentioned here and on the Zimbra forums. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much feedback recently from the developers or anyone from VMware/Zimbra. At the very least I would like to know if there will ever be any updates or if this thing is truly a “fling” that has already run its course.

  69. Lourens

    I store all my contacts (personal and work related) in my mailbox. Is there a way to get my Galaxy S (with gingerbread 2.3.3) to recognize my Zimbra contacts from the phone application instead of having to setup activesync for my contacts?

  70. slmd2g

    Zimbra server just supported the native applications of Android… Problem is that widgets, other apps, etc – work with the native apps, and anything else lacks behind..

    For once I’d like to just be able to add my Zimbra account to my device’s default installation and have HTML emails work.. Seems like every Zimbra release breaks something with sync, html emails, etc.

  71. David Barrett

    Doesn’t support Push email and the email sync seems to be very flaky. I will stick with the stock Android Client for now but hopefully there will be some updates.

  72. Shelly

    I love this client so far! One suggestion…if it had a better delete feature so that multiple emails could be selected and deleted at once. I can select a thread and delete all but I’d like to be able to select multiple threads or emails and delete them.

  73. Marc Schiffbauer

    Would be nice to have quoting support for replies.

    Apart from that its working nice against current zimbra so far!

  74. Nick

    I am having difficulty getting through the setup. I cannot seem to enter the correct information, no matter what I try. Can someone please help me?

  75. umarzuki

    i could not find calendar and task, not even from the menu to be able to create a calendar ans task. Or they are not implemented yet?

    1. chitong

      they are implemented, you can find them in quick shortcut windows (touch Inbox on the top-left corner), or from Folder list (
      in Inbox –> Menu –> Folders)

  76. Wayne

    Would love to keep this app but it uses more battery than my display! Zimbra is the highest consumer of batter on my phone (moto droid). uninstalling

  77. Ken

    We have a “paid” zimbra server at work. I used to sync everything perfectly with my old iPhone (contacts, calendars, email, etc) by setting it up as an exchange server.

    When I got my android device (Droid Charge), I set up a “corporate” email account and it was able to sync nearly everything – it does contacts just fine, it does email just fine, but it only syncs my main calendar. I have 3 calendars: the primary one, an Employee Absences calendar, and my Personal calendar. These all used to show up on my old iPhone, but not on my new Android device.

    When I saw this app, I immediately downloaded it and tried it out. However, it still only syncs the main calendar. I really need my other two calendars as well. So, for now, I’ve removed the app since it does nothing that the built-in functionality doesn’t already do. I actually have two android devices – my droid charge and a hacked Nook Color – I tried the app on both devices with the same results. I had some minor issues with contact syncing, but my main concern/need is for the multiple calendars.

      1. Ken kuhns

        Will it be? It doesn’t seem like it is supported in the android native app either. Honestly, the built-in Android functionality does nearly everything I need. The only thing that I don’t have is the ability to sync more than my primary calendar. When I stumbled on this app, I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that since it comes from the zimbra people, it must support all zimbra functions. Apparently I was wrong.

        I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or like I am demanding features from a free download. I hope I don’t come across that way.

        Really, though, what does this app do that the built-in functionality on my Android device does not? It seems to me that the biggest difference is that it has an icon with your logo on it.

        I’ll have to keep an eye out on this for future development. Thanks!

        1. Joe

          I agree with you about multiple calendars. I have several personal and shared corporate Zimbra calendars that would be great to access through this App. New user and so far this is my biggest disappointment. What this App does have that the native Android mail client does not offer is the ability to switch between mail, calendar, contacts and briefcase. This is a big plus for me!

  78. Eduardo Ribiero

    How to install???? Inside this zip file have many folders, but hot to install in my I1 Mobile with Android System 1.5?


    Eduardo Ribeiro

  79. Peter

    This seems just what I am interested in — I have not found a really good app that interfaces with our Zimbra server that can deal with nested folders and a lot of other things (closest is probably TouchDown with ActiveSync). Any thoughts on making this an actual working app (with a manual and all that good stuff)??????

  80. Joseph Reeves

    The application works great, but often (perhaps after a phone reboot?) I will have to re-enter my password because the application fails to sync due to invalid credentials. When doing so the password box is filled with a large number of asterisks – much longer than my actual password. I replace these with my actual password and it works great until it breaks again.

    1. chitong

      What type of phone are you using?
      The issue you are seeing is due to encryption/decryption of password, i.e. after reboot, the app did not get original key for decryption. restart of app should fix the problem.

      1. Joseph Reeves

        Thanks. Am using it on a HTC Desire, but will also try on a Motorola Milestone and compare password handling.

  81. Ashley Davies

    Great mail client but when uninstalling to free up some phone memory, I noticed that the android uninstaller does not work correctly and the app will not remove.

    Are there are guidelines for this process?

      1. Mike

        I had this uninstall problem as well. For others that find this, chitong’s suggestion worked. You have to deactivate zimbra as a device administrator before it will uninstall.

  82. Tamas

    Another short notice:
    When I installed VMware Zimbra client, in the callog (on the phone, of course) I cannot see names, only phone numbers. I think, there is not link to callog from VMware Zimbra clint addressbook. I think, this feature is very important, I cannot use the phone without it.

    1. chitong

      I do get both name & telephone number in the callog, is it a new contact that you added using the app?
      or a existing contact from server?

  83. Tamas

    I cannot sync my calendar with the phone (server: Zimbra NE 6.0.7_GA_2473.RHEL5_64, device: Samsung Galaxy S with factory 2.3.3).
    The is has been worked with the factory app befora installing VMware Zimbra Client.
    I see this line in the log:
    Calendar in error state; ignore

    1. chitong

      If you don’t mind, send us the logs
      In Inbox, menu button –> More –> Advanced –> Manage Logs –> Email Logs

  84. Tamas

    I think, this is a hopeful application. I am using SGS (with regular rom), and my experience, that this app is slow a bit on this device.
    How can I sync the shared calendars/contacts?
    How can I setup this app, that the contact default view be the following format: Last name First name?

  85. Peter Vadon

    I have a hungarian Exchange 2007 here and the name of Inbox is also localized.
    VZA seems to sync my localized inbox using push, but does not show the hungarian equivalent of “Inbox” as Inbox.
    It is an inconvenience seeing an empty Inbox in VZA and having to change to the right folder every time i want to view my true Inbox.

    1. Peter Vadon

      Other than this really annoying issue (for me) it is the best email app I have ever come across. Way to go!

    2. Kenneth

      I have a similar issue, without localization being involved. The service providing my email uses “mailbox” instead of “inbox”. I am pretty sure there is a way for them to figure out the incoming mail folder because the built in android mail client handles this correctly.

      Other than that it has been great!

  86. Filippo

    Just what was lacking in the android world!!! I hope you will keep improving it to bring the full zimbra experience to android.
    First enhancement IMHO multiple accounts management, because we all have more than one zimbra account :D

  87. Peter

    It seems to me that the sync with the server runs in a foreground thread. If the sync takes longer time it can make the OS to think that the application is frozen and display ‘Force close’ dialog.

  88. Lan

    I’m running the app on GalaxyS, the ringtones notification is not working.
    I try to change to different sound, it still remains silent.

      1. Lan

        It is setting to sound, while @ that Ringtones selector dialog, I press up and down volume key, it is showing x(next to the speaker icon). Must be my device specific issue.

    1. Lan

      Check with different phone HTC Inspire, also it faces the same issue.
      Couldn’t change the ringtones for email notification.

  89. Phil

    This is a great app, thanks for making it. To make this really go to the next step, it would be great to have the app be able to handle multiple exchange accounts, other email types (e.g. POP and IMAP), and have the calendar, contacts, and tasks be able to integrate with other sources (e.g. Google, Facebook). The standard PIM apps on Android are not great and so your app and suite could be a great replacement provided that the other types of accounts could also be included.

  90. Rick Leung

    Feels more responsive than the standand Android mail app but I get an error when downloading attachments from Exchange 2007. Also, would be nice to customize sync schedule to save battery.

    1. chitong

      please send logs to VMware support.
      In Inbox, menu button –> More –> Advanced –> Manage Logs –> Email Logs

        1. chitong

          I do not see errors related to attachment loading in the logs.
          What error did you see on the screen?

          1. Rick Leung

            I powered off/on device and the error loading attachments is gone. It was occuring after the viewer apps loaded and before the file opened.

  91. Tom Hyder

    Just installed. Syncs with email but not calendar. Any sugestions? I use Outlook 2003 on the Zimbrane server.

    1. chitong

      If you don’t mind, please send logs to VMware support.
      In Inbox, menu button –> More –> Advanced –> Manage Logs –> Email Logs

      1. Tom Hyder

        I just sent the logs from 612-760-1159. The account email is carole@*******.com (my wife’s)
        The inbox is syncing but the calendar is not. Thanks for youir follow-up

        1. chitong

          The app is getting error code 500 ( Internal server error) back from server,
          did you ever get calendar sync work with other apps?

  92. Dave Convery

    Like I said before, this is a great app. I’m using it on a Motorola Atrix 4G against an Exchange 2010 server. I would like to see some added features if you guys plan to continue this:

    1 – ability to change color schemes. White on black is OK, but a white or light background with color coded email summaries would be nice to highlight unread and flagged emails.

    2 – It would be nice to have multiple items in the calendar widget. Maybe even a few size choices.

    3 – I like the color scheme for the agenda and calendar view but it would also be nice to color code things there as well.

  93. Rich

    Our mail server uses client certificates for remote mail access. I’d love to try this out, but it won’t work without this feature. Can this be added in a future release?

  94. Miroslav Suchy

    I installed it, tested it (works good). Now I want to remove it. I’m able to remove every other application, but I’m not unable to remove this one.

    1. Miroslav Suchy

      Oh, got it.
      You have to remove synchronization profile first, then remove security device manager and then you can remove the application.

      1. Amanda Bishop

        Where do I find the “security device manager” and “synchronization profile”? I assume the latter is under “Accounts & Sync” in the Android Settings app, but I after removing that I still cannot uninstall Zimbra.

        I want to uninstall because, unlike Touchdown, this app forces me to lock my entire phone rather than just access to the app itself.

        1. chitong

          settings –> Location & Security –> Select device administrators
          select Zimbra

          The app is enforcing the security policies from your server.

  95. Martyn Jones

    Hi guys

    I can’t get the download button to work nor can i find it in the android app store. Any chance of a qr code on screen to link to the appstore and one for a direct download.


    1. Ben Kolin

      Hi Martyn, the app is not yet available in Android Market. One workaround you can try is to download the app apk file to your pc, then email it to your gmail account as an attachment and check it from your phone. Good luck!

  96. Deepak

    How do I select the folders that need to be synchronized. I want only few folders to be sync on mobile.

    1. chitong

      Inbox & Sent folders are push-synchronized, the rest of folder are pull-synchronized.
      It is not user changeable in the version.

  97. Carter Shanklin

    Doesn’t seem to work on 3.1, Exchange services keep crashing.

    Also can you get the next rev in the app store?

    1. chitong

      Exchange services is not used by this app (used by the stock email), so app should work fine. just ignore the error for now

  98. Jerry

    I love that I can see tasks! Thank you.
    However, I get double meeting events and I’m not sure why. I’ve setup to point to an Exchange 2007 server.
    I also would request some more work on the widgets – the size of the email widget makes it almost useless on a phone, maybe okay on a tablet. Let us re-size them to our needs. Also allow for some transparency – most of us want to see our wallpaper!


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