vSphere Replication Capacity Planning Appliance

The vSphere Replication Capacity Planning Appliance allows administrators to model the network impact of a virtual machine replication without producing actual replication traffic. The appliance provides command-line tools to configure replication for any VM in a vSphere Virtual Center. The replication is established in preview mode and thus requires no storage space. Networking traffic, required for the replication, is measured and displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical format that allows you to estimate the network bandwidth required.


  • A command-line interface for configuring replication within the same or a remote Virtual Center or ESX host
  • A web page presenting traffic graphics for each replication
  • Does not write the actual replicated data and thus does not require any storage

Open Source License

  • You need vSphere 5.0 or higher.
  • vSphere Replication should NOT be installed in the vSphere Center against which the fling will be used.
  1. Deploy the appliance
  2. Once it boots, login with root/vmware on the console or via ssh
  3. cd /opt/vmware/hbrtraffic/
  4. ./bin/configureReplication --vc --vcuser Administrator --vcpass --lwd <IP_of_the_Appliance> --vmname <VM_name>

<VM_name> is the name of the VM to configure for replication as seen from the vSphere Client.

Once a replication is configured wait 10-15 minutes and check the graphs generated at https://IP_of_the_Appliance:5480/vr-graphs/

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