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vSphere Replication Capacity Planning Appliance

This fling has been deprecated.

The vSphere Replication Capacity Planning Appliance allows administrators to model the network impact of a virtual machine replication without producing actual replication traffic. The appliance provides command-line tools to configure replication for any VM in a vSphere Virtual Center. The replication is established in preview mode and thus requires no storage space. Networking traffic, required for the replication, is measured and displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical format that allows you to estimate the network bandwidth required.


  • A command-line interface for configuring replication within the same or a remote Virtual Center or ESX host
  • A web page presenting traffic graphics for each replication
  • Does not write the actual replicated data and thus does not require any storage

Open Source License

This fling has been deprecated.
  • You need vSphere 5.0 or higher.
  • vSphere Replication should NOT be installed in the vSphere Center against which the fling will be used.
This fling has been deprecated.
  1. Deploy the appliance
  2. Once it boots, login with root/vmware on the console or via ssh
  3. cd /opt/vmware/hbrtraffic/
  4. ./bin/configureReplication --vc --vcuser Administrator --vcpass --lwd <IP_of_the_Appliance> --vmname <VM_name>

<VM_name> is the name of the VM to configure for replication as seen from the vSphere Client.

Once a replication is configured wait 10-15 minutes and check the graphs generated at https://IP_of_the_Appliance:5480/vr-graphs/

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