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VIB Author

This fling has been deprecated.

The VIB Author tool allows ESXi administrator to create custom VIBs at the Community Supported level. VIB stands for vSphere Installation Bundle and is a way of packaging programs that run on ESXi hosts. The custom VIBs can then be used in house, or made available to a wider audience.

Key Features

  • Create VIBs using custom VIB descriptor files and custom payload files
  • Sign and verify a VIB
  • Extract and display VIB information
  • Publish the VIB as an offline depot ZIP file

For more information about VIBs:

VIB Author is Community Supported, meaning that the VIB has not gone through testing and approval by VMware or by VMware partners and, as such, may cause performance or stability problems and have security vulnerabilities.

This fling has been deprecated.

The RPM package can be installed on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2.
It has the following dependencies:

Python == 2.6
Coreutils >= 6.9
binutils >= 2.17.50
tar >= 1.20
bash >= 3.2
grep >= 2.5
file >= 4.19
sed >= 4.1.5
gzip >= 1.3.5
openssl >= 0.9.8i
zlib >= 1.2.3
python-lxml >= 2.1.2
python-urlgrabber >= 3.9.1

This fling has been deprecated.

See "Customizing VIBs with VIB Author" (vibauthor.pdf)

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This fling has been deprecated. New bug reports are disabled.