VMware Guest Console (VGC) has the following features :
  1. Task Manager
    • List processes running in the Guest
    • Start new programs in the Guest
    • End running processes in the Guest
  2. Mass Deployment
    • Copy programs or scripts to multiple guests and execute them
    • Useful for things such as antivirus installation, agent deployment, test deployment etc.
    All of the above operations can be performed on:
    • a single VM, or
    • all the VMs on a host, or
    • all the VMs on all connected hosts
  3. File Explorer
    1. Provides an interface to access and manage the Guest file system
    2. Copies files from host to guest and vice-versa
    3. Copies files between guests running on any machine
    4. Also supports other basic file system operations like delete, rename, etc.
  4. Snapshot Manager
    1. Displays a comprehensive TREE and LIST view of snapshots on all VMs on all connected hosts
    2. Supports snapshot operations like Create, Delete and Revert with a single user action
    • on a single VM
    • or all the VMs on a host
    • or on all the VMs on all connected hosts
    Mass operations like "delete" can be performed on dynamically selected group of snapshots based on criteria like snapshot names, creation time, power state etc.
  5. VM Manager
    • Displays vital statistics of GuestOS like OS type/version, IP address, tools build number, guest uptime, logged-in user, etc.
    • Displays vital statistics of VM like power state, CPU count, memory, hardware version, storage path, etc.
    • Dynamic teaming allows mass power operations, deployment and snapshot operations on VMs from different hosts/products
  6. Inventory
    • All the information displayed in the VM Manager, Snapshot Manager and Task Manager can be saved for inventory purposes.

VGC can be installed on 32-bit Windows machines with operating systems Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista with .NET framework 2.0 or later

VGC can connect to the following:

  • Licensed ESX/ESXi versions 3.5 U2 or later
  • vCenter versions 4.0 or later
  • Server 2.0
  • Workstation 6.5.2 or later

VMware tools must be running in the VMs/GuestOS for Task Manager, Mass Deployment and File Explorer.

Download the zip file. Unzip, run the installer, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Updates in VGC version 1.1.0

  1. Performance and Scalability
    • VM retrieval is enhanced to discover VMs in much less time.
    • VGC can manage up to 315 Powered On VMs on all connected servers. Number of VMs retrieved from a server will be limited once this limit is reached.
  2. Support for 64-bit Windows has been added.
  3. The Remote Console feature has been extended to work with VMs hosted on vCenter.
  4. Workspace files created with this version of VGC will be encrypted. However, workspace files created using earlier versions are not compatible with this release.
  5. VM templates are differentiated from regular VMs.
  6. Workspace files can now be loaded in VGC by double clicking the .vgc files.

Updates in VGC-R1.0.1:

  1. Fixes problem where VGC was not able to retrieve VMs from vCenter folders.
  2. vmrc to open the console of any VM.
  3. Putty to get access to the command window of an ESX server or a Linux VM.
  4. RDP to get access to the console of VC server.
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