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vCO-CLI aims to provide exploratory programming to the vCO ecosystem. It connects to a running vCO server and presents a JavaScript REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) to the user. All vCO plug-ins, workflows and the entire scripting API can be accessed, invoked and experimented with from the shell. This turns vCO-CLI into a powerful educational and experimentation tool.

Access to the plug-in’s inventory is integrated into the UI for easy navigation to managed entities (vCenter objects, LDAP entries, remote systems, HTTP endpoints, etc).

For advanced users, vCO-CLI can improve productivity considerably by minimizing the turnaround time between designing and running a workflow. It can also display a REPL right in the middle of a workflow. This powerful technique, similar to a breakpoint, allows the workflow developer to troubleshoot and fix bugs faster.

Note: See the Change Log tab for the update details.


You need to have JRE 1.6 or higher installed.

Simply install the vCOCLI plug-in on vCO Server (description below) and export the console or GUI based client on your machine (vcocli.bat/vcocli.sh or vcocli-gui.bat)

Step by step plug-in installation:
1.  Log into vCO Configurator.
2.  Click on Plug-ins and browse the o11nplugin-vcocli.vmoapp file.
3.  Click on Start-up Options and restart vCO service.
4.  To verify the installation, log in vCO Smart Client and check if vCO CLI plug-in is installed.

This Fling is updated:

  • to use SSL for secure client - server communication
  • works with latest vCO Server
  • with new fancier icons
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