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vCloud Director REST API Shell (RAS)

vCloud Director REST API Shell (RAS)


vCloud Director REST API Shell (RAS) provides an alternative interface for interacting with vCloud Director. Rather than using a web browser, this Fling allows you to interact with vCloud Director through the command-line using a small python script.


  1. Commands Galore: Interact with vCloud Director using a diverse set of built-in commands.
  2. Custom Aliases: Want to avoid typing in the same long command over and over again? Define an alias!
  3. Toggle Responses: Toggle the visibility of response messages for easier reading.
  4. Smart Input Fields: Dynamically expand or contract the input field to fit multi-line commands.
  5. External Text Editors: This feature is here if you prefer using an external text editor instead of the built-in input field.
  6. Input History: Use the arrow keys to view what you entered before.
  7. Log Search: Use the ‘search’ command to search a given expression in a response message.
  8. Auto-complete UUIDs/URLs: RAS will auto-complete UUIDs and URLs present in your input history.
  9. Interactive Links: You can follow hyperlinks shown in response message by clicking on it.


System Requirements


    • Python 3.3 or higher (needs to be added to PATH)
    • A special version of 'Requests' for Python 3.3 for Windows (download from here)


  • Python 3.3.
  • Requests for Python 3.3 (download it from here).
    • You can use the following command to ensure the proper Python version is targeted:
      sudo python3.3 setup.py install
  • Tk GUI Toolkit (for example, on Ubuntu/Debian, you'd install using the following command)
    sudo apt-get install python3-tk



Download and uncompress RAS. A RAS installation is not tied to a specific path. That means that you can move it around or even copy it to another computer. RAS should work on every supported OS without the installation procedure as long as the required dependencies are present.

To run RAS, just execute main.py located in the install dir:

python main.py

On program start-up a message saying ‘type “help” for more info’ is displayed. The ‘help’ command lists all available commands. Executing command_name -h returns more information for the specified command (this option is mentioned in the help command output).


Change Log


Miroslav Shipkovenski

Management Platform
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5 thoughts on “vCloud Director REST API Shell (RAS)

  1. Canc


    is there any way to use the script directly (without gui) in conjunction with configuration manager tools like salt/ansible (or just from bash), passing dynamic vars to it?

  2. Canc


    grate work! Is there any way to use the tool directly (without gui) in conjunction with any configuration manager tool (salt/ansible)? Or just to pass to command to directly from bash?

  3. Bryan McKinley

    How is this different than an advanced rest client? Can we have whatever you examples have now so we could experiment a bit? Raw is better than zip. Perhaps I’m missing some doc link or something… Thank you.

  4. Yoni


    Can you please provide more information like the requirement of the cell version and features or examples.

    Thank you

    1. M Shipkovenski

      I will soon update the documentation with sample scenarios to cover the main features.
      RAS supports all cell versions between 1.5.0 and 5.1.2.


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