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ThinApp Factory

This fling has been deprecated.
The ThinApp Factory Fling has successfully led to quality feedback and constructive guidance on the next step for this technology. ThinApp Factory is now an open-sourced VMware offering on Github. Customers and partners can extend or utilize the tool in preparing their own packaging automation appliances.  
This fling has been deprecated.

ThinApp Factory is packaged as a virtual appliance with the following configuration: vCPUs: 2 vRam: 2 GB vHDD: 500 MB

Compatible Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
  • Firefox 3.5 or later
  • Chrome 11.0 or later (not supported with use of VRMC and manual capture)
  • Safari 5 or later
This fling has been deprecated.

There are two deployment options for ThinApp Factory

  • OVF: can be deployed directly to vCenter server 4.x, 5.0, downloadable above in appfactory-appliance.zip
  • Installer: can be run from a Windows OS to assist with deploying the Virtual Appliance to vSphere 4.1 U1 or Workstation 8.0, downloadable above in ThinApp-Factory-Setup-Full

Note:  The VRMC is also included as a download for your convenience. This is used by ThinApp Factory in the local browser to display when using the manual capture method.

Once the virtual appliance has been deployed and powered on, you can access the ThinApp Factory from a web browser by entering the IP address of the virtual appliance. See ThinApp Factory Installation Guide.

This fling has been deprecated.
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