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ThinApp Factory

ThinApp Factory


The ThinApp Factory Fling has successfully led to quality feedback and constructive guidance on the next step for this technology.

ThinApp Factory is now an open-sourced VMware offering on Github. Customers and partners can extend or utilize the tool in preparing their own packaging automation appliances.


System Requirements

ThinApp Factory is packaged as a virtual appliance with the following configuration: vCPUs: 2 vRam: 2 GB vHDD: 500 MB

Compatible Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
  • Firefox 3.5 or later
  • Chrome 11.0 or later (not supported with use of VRMC and manual capture)
  • Safari 5 or later


There are two deployment options for ThinApp Factory

  • OVF: can be deployed directly to vCenter server 4.x, 5.0, downloadable above in appfactory-appliance.zip
  • Installer: can be run from a Windows OS to assist with deploying the Virtual Appliance to vSphere 4.1 U1 or Workstation 8.0, downloadable above in ThinApp-Factory-Setup-Full

Note:  The VRMC is also included as a download for your convenience. This is used by ThinApp Factory in the local browser to display when using the manual capture method.

Once the virtual appliance has been deployed and powered on, you can access the ThinApp Factory from a web browser by entering the IP address of the virtual appliance. See ThinApp Factory Installation Guide.


Change Log


Mike Morris

ThinApp Prime Team
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45 thoughts on “ThinApp Factory

  1. Todd Warner

    Its not clear to me where I download this virtual appliance, can someone give me some guidance on how to find the download. Thanks

  2. Chad

    Does anyone know what this means on the App Factory Console?

    lxml.etree.xmlSyntaxError: Document is empty, Line 1, Column 1
    Added User

    It’s almost like its hung when loading (I have tried rebooting with no help)



  3. Chris Eldred-Whitehead

    Has this been moved to Github yet? I have not been able to find it and would really love to give it a try.

    1. John

      I hope it has been posted, as it needs a bit of updating. I believe it is currently vulnerable to the Samba issues from last year like CVE-2012-1182 as those were released after it was packaged.

  4. Frank

    @Kris Duffy vmrc client is available in vCenter 5.0 and not in the releases after it due to Flash component replacing it. If you have, install version 5 of vCenter and get it from there ;-).

  5. Kris Duffy

    I am unable to get the VMRC plugin to work when attempting a Manual ThinApp build. Does anyone have a fix for this? I have tried Firefox, IE 9, and IE10.

    1. Frank

      vmrc client is available in vCenter 5.0 and not in the releases after it due to Flash component replacing it. If you have, install version 5 of vCenter and get it from there ;-).

  6. Christian

    When i try to map the packages share i always get access denied, wether i used the dns name or the IP.

    Which credentials am i supposed to use?

  7. Matt

    Anyone having an issue loading this on 5.1? As soon as I try to load this up and try a workload to create a windows 7 vm, I get and error message within vcenter saying “Database temporarily unavailable or has network problems.” After this happens I loose most connectivity to my host. I am unable to SSH into it, Power on VM’s or Off. It errors out while vmotioning but sitll moves the VM anyway.

    Any ideas?

  8. Francisco

    I am trying to deploy ThinApp Factory for the first time, I get to the point of pickup DataStore and nothing show up on the list. What I am doing wrong?

  9. bards1888

    I am getting a weird error at 35-50% precapture, when trying to auto-capture.

    Error: Cannot open VM: [ThinApp_0116] XPSP3 Instance 0cd94/XPSP3 Instance 0cd94.vmx, The datastore corresponding to the given datastore path is not found

    I can confirm that the datastore is valid.

      1. Arthur Ashmann

        Ok…I got it to work.

        I made sure that I added a DNS entry for my ThinApp Factory Appliance and then used DNS instead of IP when walking through the OVF deployment wizard. Trying to change this after the vApp was deployed did not work. I had to build the vApp from scratch.

  10. Brian

    I found if I delete a published app and then re-build that same app and try and publish it it says “Application with that name already exists” I am wondering if its becaus I didn’t click on unpublish first before I deleted the app? Or when I hit the delete button it should also send the unpublish command or ask me if I also want to unplublish the app before I delete it. I am using version 0.3.1. Thanks

  11. Ryan

    I’m trying to run the new installer to upgrade my current ThinApp Factory appliance, but when I try to launch the installer, I get an error: “C:\Deployer\setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”

  12. Craig

    I’m trying to import the OVF to Workstation 8.03 but I get the following errors:

    The import failed because C:\AppFactory.ovf did not pass OVF specification conformance or virtual hardware compliance checks.

    Click Retry to relax OVF specification and virtual hardware compliance checks and try the import again, or click Cancel to cancel the import. If you retry the import, you might not be able to use the virtual machine in VMware Workstation.

    When I click retry I get:

    Line 117: Unsupported element ‘Property’.

    Has anybody sucessfully imported directly into Workstation 8, or seen this issue?


      1. James_Bond

        ThinApp Factory works fine with Workstation 8.x but make sure you enable sharing first.

        Edit -> Preferences -> Shared VMs -> Enable Sharing

  13. Patrick

    When will a new release be available. This is a very cool application does not work well with DV switches and keep having trouble while trying to rebuild/publish a package.

  14. Jonathan Sparks

    Is there a way to tell the ThinApp Factory to generate an MSI file and compress the project folder? These settings are required if you use the built-in ThinApp integration on the VMware VIew 5.x Admin page.


    1. Chad

      We are having the same issue. Does anyone have a solution for this? We have a work around by using a ThinApp VM and running the Build.bat to regen the MSI.



        1. Martin Janiszewski

          I noticed during build a quick command prompt pops up and uses the package.ini to build the file which has the build msi flag as off would be nice if in a future release we can have a checkbox to have build MSI also

    2. Chad

      I have a workaround that I got from VMworld. What you need to do is:
      1. Upload the App
      2. Capture App
      3. When finished open “Tasks”
      4. Edit package
      5. Build Options – New Value “MSIFilename”
      6. For the new value name “Enter what name you would like to give it” example. IE.msi
      7. Save
      8. Then you will notice a new option to rebuild that package

      Good Luck!


    3. Aaron Black

      sure – if you are capturing for the first time then just make a recipe that adds a line to the package.ini to enable any parameter needed – the package build process is no different than the regular process – it is just automated. Alternatively you could capture once, then edit the project thru the ThinApp Factory interface using the package.ini gui to add options you need then rebuild – all done thru the ThinApp Factory GUI

  15. Dain

    Trying to install app factory to our instance of vsphere 5 using the exe file but it fails everytime with no error message other than please send log file to VMWare. Anyone any ideas where it needs to be sent the message was far too vague.

    Many Thanks

    1. Alejandro

      I would suggest you try the ovf file or post your question on the boards: communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/desktop/thinapp/factory

  16. Wes Prather

    Tried to install the Full install on my Windows 7 x64 SP1 host, and it comes to the “Appliance Configuration”, screen where it’s asking for “Select a datastore for Thinapp Factory and it’s related VMs”, and I can’t select anything, and the Next button is grayed out.

    I have deployed the OVF to vSphere/vCenter 5 host, and starting to play with that now…

    1. Alejandro

      I would suggest you post your questions on: communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/desktop/thinapp/factory

  17. Constantin

    Well, as some others report in the community i can create a workpool too – but it doesn’t install windows 7. It hangs on the Welcome Setup wizard.
    After adding a installed windows 7 machine, it seems good – but it does not execute the capture task in the vm….
    Using vcenter.

  18. Doug Davis

    When I go to Settings > Workpool > Add with ThinApp Factory running in Workstation 8, I get a 404 Not Found error. Seems the page /workpools/create doesn’t exist for some reason.

        1. Doug Davis

          I’m using Workstation 8 – not vCenter and vSphere. Or am I misunderstanding something here? Didn’t think I needed vCenter/vSphere to test in WS8??

    1. Adam

      I’m receiving the same 404 error when trying to create a workpool. I’m using vCenter 5 and ESXi 5 within my environment. I do not have any firewalls in front or behind the hosts/guests.


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