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SilverLining – A vCloud Director 5.1 SDK for JavaScript

SilverLining – A vCloud Director 5.1 SDK for JavaScript


SilverLining provides a vCloud Director 5.1 SDK for Javascript. This allows you to build a simplified interface for vCloud Director that works from any modern web-browser that supports HTML5, CSS and Javascript. To demonstrate, there is a reference implementation included which one could use to build their own custom UI.


This Fling includes the following features:

  • A flexible vCloud Director 5.1 SDK for JavaScript implemented using vCloud API
  • A reference implementation with a responsive UI done in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Use of metadata feature to enhance the UI with custom attributes on templates and vApps
  • Supports local storage in HTML5 to support offline mode
  • Notifications system to support long running operations
  • Separation of form and content of the backend processes from UI updates
  • Easy install script

System Requirements

SilverLining requires a running instance of vCloud Director 5.1 to be able to run against its API. Access to SilverLining is through a standard browser that supports HTML5 and CSS3.


Installation Instructions

1. Download SilverLining's tar.gz file. This includes the SilverLining web application, the JavasScript SDK, README.md and the install script. The README.md file explains this installation process in more detail.
2. Copy the tar.gz file to a safe directory on the machine running vCloud Director.
3. Open the tar.gz file using 'tar -zxvf silverlining*.tar.gz'
4. Go to the resulting silverlining*/ directory and find the install script.
5. Run the installer using ./install
6. Restart vCD.
7. Open your browser and navigate to http://[your_cell_hostname_and_port]/cloud/silverlining/index.html

Installing on VMware vCloud Director Evaluation

If you intend to install SilverLining on a VMware vCloud Director Evaluation virtual appliance, you will need to install the zip command first using the following commands:

zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.2/repo/oss/ oss
zypper in zip


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Alister Lewis-Bowen

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Louis Weitzman

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Jeff Moroski

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Elizabeth Li


Jason Fedor

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One thought on “SilverLining – A vCloud Director 5.1 SDK for JavaScript

  1. Paul Poppleton

    I just read through the documentation for the SDK and I have to wonder why not leverage all the work that has gone into creating the vCO vCloud plugin? It seems like there may be some duplication of effort going on since they have created a large library of of scriptable objects already which covers probably 90% of the vCD api. It is awesome that you have the framework in place to easily reach out to the api directly for the things you haven’t already covered but if all the work that has already been done to create those plugins for vCO could be capitalized upon I think that would be a positive thing. I know for my use I would have to reach out to the api directly for a ton of stuff. Anyway awesome job thus far! I am going to throw together a test app.


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