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Real-Time Audio-Video Test Application

Real-Time Audio-Video Test Application


This application verifies the correct installation and operation of the View Horizon Real-Time Audio-Video functionality. It provides a player that displays the “virtual webcam” feed, and also loops back the audio if required. This allows for testing without a third party app (which often requires user accounts such as Skype, WebEx, etc.). The application can also perform load testing by forcing the video and audio stream to continuously run again, without a third party app dropping the call after a period of time.


  • Displays webcam images at 1:1 resolution
  • Automatically starts streaming images when launched (and audio will be looped back if selected)
  • Ability to loop the audio-in back to audio-out
  • No need to create user accounts to see RTAV
  • Supports the VMware Virtual Webcam and Physical Webcams


System Requirements

  • Runs in Windows x86 or x64
  • Intended to be used in conjunction with a View Agent and Feature Pack. However, it can be used on any physical machine too
  • You have the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)" runtime installed. For example, it is already installed on a Horizon View desktop.

It is highly likely these are already on your system, but if not you can download them from here:



  • Download and run the .exe file
  • No installation / configuration needed



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Tarique Chowdhury

Enterprise Desktop

Peter Brown

Enterprise Desktop
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3 thoughts on “Real-Time Audio-Video Test Application

    1. PeterB

      for audio, you need to go to the AudioIn menu and select AudioIn Loopback. This will loopback your virtual microphone to the virtual speakers which then get redirected back to the local client.

      This can often lead to a feedback loop – so don’t have your volume too loud! and, also note that the audio won’t be synchronised with the video. (in a real 3rd party conferencing app however it will be)


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