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Horizon View Configuration Tool

The Horizon View Configuration Tool automates Horizon View 6.2 installation and deployment. It removes the complexities and manual steps required for setting up a basic Horizon View deployment.


The vCT ships as a virtual appliance with all the required VMware components to set up your Horizon View environment. After providing a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 ISO, an ESX host (not managed by vCenter), a few parameters, and licenses, the tool will provision your environment dynamically and automatically. The vCT deploys the following components:

  • Virtual machine with Active Directory Domain Controller configured (or you may integrate with the existing DC in your environment)
  • Virtual machine with Horizon View Connection Server installed
  • Virtual machine with Horizon View Composer installed
  • vCenter Server Appliance virtual machine deployed and configured

For more information, see VMware Horizon View Configuration Tool Quick Start Guide.


To run the View Configuration Tool, there are some basic networking requirements:

If you wish to deploy an Active Directory Server then you will require:

  • 1 IP range that is on a subnet not managed by DHCP
  • If you are deploying and will integrate with an existing Active Directory Server then you will require:

    • 1 IP range that is on a subnet managed by DHCP

    Be sure to gather your network values so you have this information ready when running the tool. Network parameters required are: starting IP address, an ending IP address, a subnet mask, and gateway address.

    ESX 5.1 U1 or newer, ESX 5.5+ recommended.  The host must not be managed by

    Storage Requirements

    At least one defined datastore (VMFS volume) with at least 250GB free for the management infrastructure virtual machines, plus any additional desired storage for desktop deployment.

    Download the required files:

    • VMware-viewconfigurationtool-v2.0-view6.2.0_OVF10-20160330.ova - 6.5G
    • VMware_Studio- or VMware_Studio_2.6.0.1 .ova –

    You can download VMware® Studio from the VMware website:

    For the rest of instructions, please see: VMware Horizon View Configuration Tool Quick Start Guide

    Update Version 2.0

    The Horizon Configuration Tool is updated with Horizon 7 support.

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