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Horizon Collector for Mac


Horizon Collector for Mac automates the collection and archiving of Horizon View Client logs, eliminating the need to manually identify and gather relevant log files. Horizon Collector also simplifies the process for enabling complete DEBUG logging, and can upload the logs to VMware Support for you. In addition to the application logs, this script will collect PCoIP, USB, RTAV, and ThinPrint logs. Recommended users of this script: VDI Administrators and end-users alike.

Note: To collect Horizon View Client logs for Windows/Linux, please see

  • macOS
  • VMware Horizon Client 2.x or newer
  • Root access via sudo
  1. Copy to a working directory on your system
  2. Open Terminal (Applications > Terminal)
  3. Change to the same working directory as
    sudo ./
  4. Follow the prompts

Version 1.2

  • DEBUG logging now gathers complete ThinPrint Debug logs (for use by VMware and ThinPrint support)
  • Usability improvements and optimizations

Version 1.0.1

  • Includes additional USB Services logging
  • Specify Horizon Client in log collection
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