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VMware 2013-2014 Graduate Fellowships

VMware 2013-2014 Graduate Fellowships

VMware is very pleased to award three VMware Graduate Fellowships, for the 2013/2014 academic year, to Adam Belay, Stanford UniversityAustin Clements, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Aapo Kyrola, Carnegie Mellon University.


Adam Belay
Stanford University

Adam Belay’s research focuses on the intersection of computer architecture and operating systems. His current research project is Dune, a system that uses virtualization hardware extensions to safely and efficiently expose CPU features like paging and exception handling directly to user programs. Such hardware mechanisms are at the core of many kernel innovations and exposing them at user-level creates new opportunities for application-specific improvements in performance and security.

Adam graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an M.Eng in Computer Science in 2011. He is now a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University, where he works with Prof. Christos Kozyrakis and Prof. David Mazieres. Adam is a member of the Security Computer Systems (SCS) and the Stanford Experimental Data Center Laboratory (SEDCL) research groups.



Austin Clements
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Austin Clements is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.  His research focuses on scalable multicore operating systems and applying modern concurrent programming techniques to traditional operating system abstractions.  His past work analyzed the multicore scalability of Linux in depth and he is currently exploring the connections between interface properties and implementation scalability in the context of a new POSIX-like operating system.  Austin’s past research interests have ranged from transactional caching to deduplicated file systems to extension-oriented compilers.  He received his S.B. and M.Eng. degrees in EECS from MIT in 2006 and 2008.

kyrolaAapo Kyrola
Carnegie Mellon University

Aapo Kyrola is a fourth year Ph.D. student at the Carnegie Mellon University, advised by professors Carlos Guestrin and Guy Blelloch.  His main research project is GraphChi, a disk-based system for large-scale graph computation that can solve on a single machine as big problems as most distributed frameworks using large clusters.  Prior to his Ph.D. studies, Aapo co-founded a pioneering online startup,  Sulake Corporation, best known for its extremely popular virtual world Habbo.com.



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