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VMware Academic Program 2012 End of Year Update

VMware Academic Program 2012 End of Year Update

The VMware Academic Program had a busy year in 2012! We introduced new events, new publications, and added two new members to our team. We began to expand our global efforts as well this past year. VMAP is currently in discussions with our China and India offices on how to extend our programs into those countries, having already sponsored several conferences in China in 2012.

In 2013 we will focus our attention on collaborative research in key strategic areas, broadly addressing VMware’s corporate investments in the Software Defined Data Center. Key new areas of interest include storage and intelligent automation. We also continue to support our existing research partners that are addressing performance and security in cloud and virtualized environments.

Please read on for our 2012 recap, and a preview of upcoming 2013 events.

VMware Technical Journal
VMAP introduced the VMware Technical Journal in 2012, with the first issue published in March 2012 and the second in December 2012. The VMware Technical Journal is a new publication for the company, highlighting innovation and collaboration across the board in R&D.

Both issues of the Journal are available for viewing on the VMware Labs website in the Publications section, with the latest edition always available at http://vmware.com/go/vmtj. Hard copies of the journal and USBs loaded with the journal can be requested by sending a request to vmtj@vmware.com.

We are in the process of planning for the next publication, with a projected publication date of June 2013. The topic of this issue will be ‘Intelligent Automation for Software Defined Datacenters’.

VMware Academic Symposium
On September 26th and 27th 2012, VMAP hosted the first Academic Research Symposium in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This was an opportunity for both VMware engineers and academic partners to come together and share research in VMware’s key areas of work. There were three sessions:
• Cloud Infrastructure and the Software Defined Datacenter, chaired by Steve Muir
• Big Data, chaired by Richard McDougall
• High Performance Computing, chaired by Josh Simons

The VMware academic community has grown during this past year and we continue to establish partnerships and maintain relationships with a wide variety of researchers and their students.

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about this event and there is great anticipation for our next symposium. Planning for the 2013 Symposium, which will take place in July 2013 in Palo Alto, California, is already underway. This year we will be including an opportunity for our PhD interns to participate in the event. Questions and comments can be sent to Rita Tavilla.

2012 RFP Awardees
The Spring 2012 RFP, Security in Cloud and Virtualized Environments, attracted a large number of submissions from institutions across North America. We selected three projects for funding:

Private Pattern Matching on Encrypted, Cloud-Resident Data
Michael K. Reiter, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Vulcan: Automatically Generating Tools for Virtual Machine Introspection using Legacy Binary Code
Zhiqiang Lin, University of Texas – Dallas

• Random Number Generation in Virtualized Environments
Yevgeniy Dodis, New York University

In December of 2012 we sent out the Spring RFP for 2013. The theme of the solicitation this year is Storage in support of Software Defined Datacenters (SDDC). We have invited academic institutions worldwide to submit their abstracts. You can see more detailed information at https://labs.vmware.com/academic/rfp-spring2013. Abstracts are due March 13th.

Conferences and Publications
VMAP sponsored 27 conferences in 2012 and saw some of the largest VMware representation ever at conferences such as FAST and USENIX’s Annual Technical Conference. VMAP will be sponsoring approximately the same number of events this year, and we look forward to more great interactions with partners, published papers, talks, panels, and committee memberships.

We had strong representation of VMware employees on various conference and workshop program committees in 2012, and continue to see these types of relationships occurring in 2013. One such example is VMware employee Xiaoyun Zhu, who is a Staff Engineer on the Resource & Policy Management team. Xiaoyun is Program Co-Chair, along with Calton Pu from Georgia Tech, of this year’s ICAC conference, to be held in June 2013. Congratulations Xiaoyun!

There were 28 papers submitted for review to conferences, journals and workshops in 2012. 16 of these were accepted for publication. Our most prolific author from 2012 was Ajay Gulati with 9 accepted papers (out of 12 total). Ajay is also a Staff Engineer on the Resource & Policy Management team at VMware. His papers were accepted at VEE 2012, HotStorage 2012, ICAC 2012, USENIX ATC 2012, and HiPC 2012. Kudos, Ajay!

VMAP recently awarded three Graduate Fellowships for 2013. They will begin in September 2013.
Austin Clements, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research: Scalable multicore interfaces
Advisor: M. Frans Kaashoek
Aapo Kyrölä, Carnegie Mellon University
Research: Large-scale machine learning, graph computation and optimization; distributed and parallel computing.
Advisors: Carlos Guestrin and Guy Blelloch
Adam Belay, Stanford University
Research: Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Computer Systems Security, and Distributed Systems
Advisors: Christos Kozyrakis and Professor David Mazieres

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