VMware Academic Program
Committed to strengthening VMware’s relationship with the academic and research communities.

VMware Resources for Educational Institutions

VMware Resources for Educational Institutions

VMware has its roots in academia and continues to provide a number of resources to support educational institutions worldwide.

Software Licensing

Two different programs have been created to make VMware software products available to universities, colleges, and other educational institutions, with each program being tailored to a specific type of institution. Those programs are the VMware Academic Software Licensing Program, and the VMware IT Academy.

VMware Academic Software Licensing Program

The VMware Software Licensing Program is a broad initiative that advances VMware’s strategic objectives by creating and sustaining relationships with the education community. The primary focus of its efforts is collaborative research, and engagement with the research community, but the Program also supports broad access to VMware software by any eligible department of an education institution (secondary school, college, university or equivalent). Click here for more details.

VMware IT Academy

VMware designed the IT Academy Program to introduce students to VMware technologies and equip them with VMware technical skills to compliment their chosen fields of study. VMware provides academic institutions with course materials developed by VMware. By instituting this program, VMware seeks to create a collaborative relationship with academic institutions whereby their students may obtain the VMware Certifications. Click here for more details.

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Using vSphere Licenses in the Classroom

Many users of the Software Licensing program ask us about how they can most effectively use vSphere in their classroom, especially given the limitations on license keys provided under the Licensing program. It helps to understand the purpose of the licensing program, and some examples of creative ways to use licenses follow.