VMware Academic Program
Committed to strengthening VMware’s relationship with the academic and research communities.

VMware Academic Research

VMware Academic Research

The VMware Academic Program supports a variety of engagements with faculty and students throughout academic communities on global scale.

Our relationships are not limited to the areas listed here. We are currently reviewing new programs and are looking forward to sharing those plans soon.

One thought on “VMware Academic Research

  1. Pradeep Tiwari

    Dear Mam,
    I Pradeep Tiwari(Research Scholar). I have read many hypervisor techniques but all they show only his efficiency . I want to know technical security problem with hypervisor and how to solve security breach during the migration and load balancing .How to secure from zero day exploit. please provide me specific guide line. I hope you will provide me fruit full advice.

    Thanks & Regards!
    Pradeep Kumar Tiwari
    Research Scholar (SCIT, Manipal University Jaipur- India)
    Former Asst. Professor (Dept. of C.S.E.,V.I.T.S. Satna)
    Contact No. – +91-9799351585


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