VMware Academic Program
Committed to strengthening VMware’s relationship with the academic and research communities.

About Us

About Us

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VMware’s relationship with academia started with our early days as a research initiative at Stanford University. Over the years, our relationship continued with academia in the form of campus recruiting as well as some select opportunities to co-publish papers with faculty from top universities. As a result of this history, several years ago, R&D partnered with the campus relations team and the marketing team to develop a more comprehensive program to grow VMware’s relationship with academia. This program became the VMware Academic Program (VMAP). The objective of this program is to support proliferation efforts and to build stronger bonds with schools so VMware can continue to recruit top talent and support ongoing research at universities. All inquiries should be sent to the VMAP team.

The VMAP organization sponsors a variety of efforts.

VMAP further enables academic research and instruction by:

  • Providing academic institutions and affiliated organizations special discounts on VMware software and support when deployed as part of their IT infrastructure
  • Annually contributing to a wide variety of academic conferences, events, research projects, and consortia within the CS community

The VMAP Team consists of a team of professionals who have had extensive experience within the high tech and academic communities.

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