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Spring 2014 RFP

Spring 2014 RFP

RFP Title:  Datacenter Automation in Virtualized Environments

VMware Technical Liaison:  Rean Griffith, Curt Kolovson

VMware invites university-affiliated researchers worldwide to submit proposals for funding in the general area of Datacenter Automation.  Our research interests in this field are broad, including but not limited to following topics.

  • Scalable Machine Learning / Analytics for datacenter management
  • Management of multi-tenant infrastructure for data-intensive applications
  • Algorithms, protocols, design patterns and systems for the management of large-scale, geo-distributed, data-intensive services
  • Automation of storage/network QoS in the presence of I/O resource contention for data-intensive applications

Initial submissions should be extended abstracts, up to two pages of length, describing the research project for which funding is requested and must include articulation of its relevance to VMware.  After a first review phase, we will create a short list of proposals that been selected for further consideration, and invite authors to submit detailed proposals, including details of milestones, budget, personnel, etc.  Initial funding of up to $150,000 will be for a period of one year, with options to review and recommit to funding subsequently.

2014 Key Dates

March 17 – Two page extended abstracts due

April 7 – Notification of interest from VMware

May 5 – Full Proposals due

May 27 – Announcement of final acceptance of proposals

All proposals and inquiries should be sent to rtavilla@vmware.com

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