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Spring 2012 RFP

Spring 2012 RFP

Spring 2012

Security for Virtualized and Cloud Platforms

VMware® invites university-affiliated researchers worldwide to submit proposals for funding in the general area of security for virtualized and cloud platforms. Our research interests in the field of security are broad, including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Homomorphic encryption systems and their applications in cloud environments
  • Security isolation in mobile hypervisors
  • Covert channels in hypervisors
  • Multi-level security isolation guarantees with hypervisors
  • Security implications of GPU virtualization
  • Virtual machine introspection
  • Anomaly detection in virtual desktop environments
  • Leveraging virtualization to improve intrusion detection
  • Secure cloud computation on untrusted platforms

Initial submissions should be extended abstracts, up to two pages long, describing the research project for which funding is requested, including articulation of its relevance to VMware. After a first review phase we will create a shortlist of proposals that have been selected for further consideration, and invite proposers to submit detailed proposals, including details of milestones, budget, personnel, etc. Initial funding up to $150,000 will be for a period of one year, with options to review and recommit to funding subsequently.

Key Dates

  • 16th March — Two page extended abstracts due
  • 9th April — Notification of interest from VMware
  • 30th April — Full proposals due
  • 31st May — Announcement of final acceptance of proposals

Please contact Rita Tavilla, Research Program Manager (rtavilla@vmware.com) with any questions.
All submissions should be sent to vmap-rfp@vmware.com.

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