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Comprehensive User Experience Monitoring

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Comprehensive User Experience Monitoring

In today’s networked world, users increasingly consume multimedia content that is streamed in real time to client devices. This content can be comprised of a user’s entire desktop (as is the case with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions), specific applications (such as Software as a service (SaaS), application publishing, and online gaming) or video and audio streaming. This paradigm shift is evidenced by the significant emphasis that VMware is placing on this market with its internal application development and recent acquisitions.

In all these scenarios, across different client devices and networks, users demand a near-flawless, rich, multimedia experience. To ensure this experience, audio and video quality and the synchronization between the streams (to ensure good “lip-sync”), must meet stringent criteria. In addition, a user’s experience is influenced highly by the responsiveness of interactive operations, such as scrolling, panning, or window dragging (2D and 3D workloads). To date, tracking these metrics, especially at cloud scale, has been very imprecise.

This paper presents VMware techniques and tools to solve these problems and enable accurate, real-time, automated monitoring of the user multimedia experience. It highlights the potential of these tools by using them to analyze the performance of VDI solutions (including VMware View™) in a variety of network environments.


Lawrence Spracklen, Banit Agarwal, Rishi Bidarkar, Hari Sivaraman

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