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StatsFeeder: An Extensible Statistics Collection Framework for Virtualized Environments

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StatsFeeder: An Extensible Statistics Collection Framework for Virtualized Environments

Although virtualization has eased the day-to-day lives of IT administrators, analyzing the performance of virtualized infrastructure remains very difficult. Admittedly, collecting statistics for a large number of servers is not a new problem. Neither is analyzing the virtualization performance of an individual virtual machine or the performance of a multi-tier virtualized application. The challenge lies in building tools to enable all three to occur at the same time and provide meaningful information for end users, many of whom are not virtualization experts.

This paper describes a scalable performance monitoring framework for virtualized environments. It first considers the pain points experienced by customers trying to do performance troubleshooting in virtualized environments. The common themes present in most customer environments include the need to gather granular data in a scalable way and to correlate data across layers, from the application to the guest operating system to the physical host. Using these requirements to guide design, the paper describes a prototype for scalable statistics collection that leverages currently existing statistics-gathering APIs and attempts to address these use cases. It describes how the authors were able to use this design to address several real-world troubleshooting use cases. It concludes with results demonstrating the scalability of the approach for typical virtualized datacenter sizes.


Vijayaraghavan Soundararajan, Balaji Parimi, Jon Cook

6 thoughts on “StatsFeeder: An Extensible Statistics Collection Framework for Virtualized Environments

  1. Toni Moreno

    I would like to get the pdf on this site but the link seems to be broken.

    does anybody knows where can I get ?

    i need also the javado dor the statsfeeder clases.

  2. Brian Dealy

    Hello, I read this article and looked for source files to test out the framework but the only source bundle i could find at VMware was 2 years old, seemed to be missing some packages, and seemed a little dated. Is there a more recent src bundle I could access to experiment with this? Great article by the way, thanks

    1. Brian Dealy

      Hi Again. Ok, so i took a look at it more closely, and with a couple of tweaks
      i was able to get it to compile and run. It gives a good example of retrieving
      perf stats. thanks again for the article and examples.


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