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Published Conference Papers

Published Conference Papers


  1. Query by Example in Large-Scale Repositories (IEEE-ICSME15 Industry Track)
  2. Multiple Hypothesis Testing for Arbitrarily Varying Sources (Communications in Information and Systems, published by International Press)
  3. Ranking and Updating Beliefs based on User Feedback (IEEE/IFIP IM 2015)
  4. The Design and Implementation of Open vSwitch (NSDI 2015)
  5. Proactively Breaking Large Pages to Improve Memory Overcommitment Performance in VMware ESXi (VEE 2015)
  6. Power Aware NUMA Scheduler in VMware’s ESX Server (IISWC 2015)


  1. Abnormality Analysis of Streamed Log Data (IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2014)
  2. Mega Data Center for Elastic Internet Applications (HPGC)
  3. Network Virtualization in Multi-Tenant Datacenters (NSD-USENIX 2014)
  4. An Enterprise Dynamic Thresholding System (ICAC-USENIX 2014)
  5. E-cubed: End-to-End Energy Management of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Guaranteed Performance (ATC-USENIX 2014)
  6. CloudPowerCap: Integrating Power Budget and Resource Management across a Virtualized Server Cluster (ICAC-USENIX 2014)
  7. Introducing TPCx-HS: The First Industry Standard for Benchmarking Big Data Systems (VLDB)
  8. Performance Analysis of Database Virtualization with the TPC-VMS (TPCTC Track of VLDB 2014)
  9. Benchmarking of Virtualization Platform (IEEE IISWC)



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