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Scalable Elastic Systems Architecture

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Scalable Elastic Systems Architecture

Elasticity should be treated as a first class system parameter. Particularly in large cloud environments, elastic applications would benefit if the underlying infrastructure provided primitives for elasticity and were themselves elastic. If you want to provide an elastic service and the cloud does not provide good primitives for the degree of elasticity you require, then you are forced to over-provision –- acquire more resources than you instantaneously need and subsequently hoard them. Doing so hinders the cloud’s ability to optimize global system utilization. Free or idle resources become hidden. If however, each cloud layer provides appropriate primitives that permit resources to be acquired and released at a scale that is equal to or better than what is required, then hoarding is less likely to occur. This permits the cloud infrastructure to collectively migrate resources to the real demand. To achieve this in a multi-layer system, demand must be transparently reflected from top to bottom. We must focus on the design and evaluation of primitives for expressing and managing elasticity at all levels, across nodes, and potentially across data centers.


Jonathan Appavoo, Dan Schatzberg (Boston University); Eric Van Hensbergen (IBM Austin Research Lab); Orran Krieger (VMware, Inc.)

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