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Storage DRS: Automated Management of Storage Devices In a Virtualized Datacenter

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Storage DRS: Automated Management of Storage Devices In a Virtualized Datacenter

Virtualized datacenters contain a wide variety of storage devices with different performance characteristics and feature sets. In addition, a single storage device is shared among different virtual machines (VMs) due to ease of VM mobility, better consolidation, higher utilization and to support other features such as VMware Fault Tolerance (FT) [19] and VMware High Availability (HA) [20], that rely on shared storage. According to some estimates, the cost of managing storage over its lifetime is much more expensive as compared to initial procurement costs. It is highly desirable to automate the provisioning and runtime management operations for storage devices in such environments.

In this paper, we present Storage DRS as our solution for doing automated storage management in a virtualized datacenter. Specifically, Storage DRS handles initial placement of virtual disks, runtime migration of disks among storage devices to balance space utilization and IO load in a unified manner, and respect business constraints while doing so. We also present how Storage DRS handles various advanced features from storage arrays and different virtual disk types. Many of these advanced features make the management more difficult by hiding details across different mapping layers in the storage stack. Finally, we present various best practices to use Storage DRS and some lessons learned from initial customer deployments and feedback.


Sachin Manpathak, Ajay Gulati, Mustafa Uysal

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