VMware Academic Program
Committed to strengthening VMware’s relationship with the academic and research communities.

Academic Licensing Overview

Academic Licensing Overview

A key element of the VMware Academic Program (VMAP) is a comprehensive software licensing program designed specifically for the global higher education community. A nominal annual subscription fee of $250 enables qualifying academic users worldwide to gain easy access to cutting-edge virtualization technology and resources.

The VMware Academic Program supports the use of virtualization applications in teaching and research. The program provides both desktop and infrastructure software for personal use, whether as part of STEM classes, in research projects, or for gaining hands-on experience with VMware products. Applications are provided at no cost to end users, with participating departments being responsible for covering the program’s operational costs through an annual subscription fee.

General Eligibility

  • Accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions worldwide offering 2-, 3- or 4- year programs (or equivalent) are eligible to participate in the program
  • Technical schools offering accredited degrees through distance education programs are also eligible to participate in the program

Participation in the program is typically on a departmental basis, such as a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering department, but schools with multiple departments that wish to enroll may also purchase a campus subscription.

With your annual departmental subscription fee of $250 you will receive:

VMware works closely with Kivuto Solutions to provide every participating organization with a customized web portal that provides authorized users with self-service capability to download software and license keys.

  • Unlimited downloads of our most popular products, with renewable 365-day fully functional licenses (limited to a single license key per product, per user)
  • Lab Installation – our partner Kivuto offers installation of a subset of VMAP’s software applications in lab environments.
  • eLearning material that allows users to gain introductory practical knowledge of VMware products
  • Discounted vouchers for Certification Examinations

Software is provided to qualified users with no associated entitlement to support services, and users may not purchase such services in association with VMAP licenses.

Click here to access Kivuto’s web portal for the VMAP Subscription Store.

Program Scope

Qualified members of the academic community – students, faculty and technical staff – can utilize the VMware Academic Program in the following areas:

Instruction – Faculty within member institutions gain access to VMware software licenses free of cost for the purpose of classroom instruction.  Students taking qualified courses can also install program software on their personal computers.

Research – Faculty within member institutions gain access to VMware software licenses free of cost as a part of their non-commercial research projects. Program software can be installed in research labs as well on the personal computers of faculty and students involved in research projects.

Use of VMware software for instruction and research is governed by specific program guidelines and the conditions described within the VMware Academic Program EULA (End-User License Agreement).

Products Included

Participating departments gain access to a comprehensive suite of VMware products and a host of technical resources.  The free products provided are ideal for instructional and research use within academic institutions, and for gaining hands-on experience with core infrastructure products. Included products are:

  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware Fusion
  • VMware eLearning and VMware Sales Professional training materials
  • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus
  • VMware vCenter Server Standard

Free licenses to available VMware products and eLearning are regularly updated and posted to the self-service web portal. VMAP aims to provide the latest release of the core products, and one or two prior releases to provide compatibility with older hardware.

The free licenses available to program members are 365-day evaluation licenses that require a one-time, annual download.  Annual product downloads ensure that members receive the most up to date versions of products and also allows us to better maintain accurate member data. Licenses will be administered by Kivuto Solutions, Inc., who will contact schools to set up the Electronic License Management and Distribution system (ELMS).

Usage Guidelines

The free single use licenses provided through The VMware Academic Program may be used for instruction and non-commercial research only. Please refer to the following definitions of instructional and research use:

  • Instructional use is defined as conducting educational classes, labs, or related programs.
  • Research use is defined as conducting non-commercial, not-for-profit research projects within an academic department or associated research group.
  • Infrastructure use is defined as use of software as a part of the affiliated organization’s infrastructure that is not intended to be used primarily for instructional or research use (as defined above)

Examples of Acceptable Use:

  • Lab licenses may only be installed in lab environments where the lab is primarily used for instructional or research uses.
  • Program software installed in shared lab environments can be used across different courses offered by different faculty members.
  • Faculty members as well as staff directly involved in administering systems and providing support for program software may install the software on their personal computers
  • Students taking qualified courses or conducting research can access program software within lab machines or download program software on their personal computers. Students receiving licenses through a qualifying course or research project may use the licenses after the course or project is concluded.
  • Infrastructure product licenses – vSphere, vCloud and related products – are provided by VMAP for personal use in gaining hands-on experience with the products.
  • Multiple academic groups in an institution may join the Program if each group meets the eligibility requirements. In such cases a campus subscription may be more cost-effective.

The designated Program Administrator (PA) must be an employee of the department or group and is responsible for administering, managing, and enforcing the guidelines set by the EULA for the VMware Academic Program (“Academic EULA”)

Examples of Unacceptable Use

  • Students, faculty members, or other parties that received a license under the program but no longer attend or are employed by the institution.
  • Staff members who are not directly involved with system administration related to the program, such as administrative assistants, may not install the software on their personal computers.
  • Software that is part of the program may not be shared with non-approved departments. However, it may be installed on shared labs if the approved department’s students regularly use that lab.
  • The designated Program Administrator for the member approved may not be a teaching assistant or a student. However, teaching assistants or students may help the Program Administrator with the program.
  • The software provided by VMAP may not be sold, rented, leased, or transferred to any third party including contractors, consultants, other companies, and other department personnel.
  • Software cannot be used for infrastructure purposes. Licenses acquired through the VMware Academic Program are for instructional, research and personal use only.
  • The software provided by VMAP may not be used for any purpose outside of instructional, research or personal use.vSphere licenses provided under this program may not be used for desktop virtualization.

Use of free VMware software for instruction and research is governed by the specific program guidelines and the conditions described within the Academic EULA.

IMPORTANT: These guidelines are provided for your convenience only. Please refer to the VMware Academic Program EULA for specific license rights.


Please click here for Kivuto’s portal for the VMAP Subscription Store, from where it is possible to search for existing memberships and apply for a new membership.

94 thoughts on “Academic Licensing Overview

  1. youngsoo goh

    I am a professor of Tezuakayama University in Japan. I have been used vmware workstation 11 and 8. I want to upgrade it with Academic version. is it possible? if possible would you inform me in detail process

  2. Stephen Yu

    Can you update all software? We want to have vsphere 6.7 and vrealize suite 2018
    And add NSX product and VDI product?

  3. Geoff Howard

    I teach a course at Kent State University that assists students in preparing for and obtaining professional certifications. Each year approximately 35 students take VMware certification exams. As instructor, I also take a VMware certification exam. We appreciate the discount vouchers for exam fees. But this year the system rejected my discount voucher because it is more than a year old and will not allow me to purchase a new discount voucher. Both Kavuto and Kent State have determined that this is a VMware-imposed restriction that only the company can change. I will not be able to continue teaching and promoting VMware certifications if I have to pay full price to take my own certification exams each year.

    1. Lilian Cantamessa

      Hello Geoff,

      I’m the VMWare Program Manager at Kivuto. I wanted to let you know that the Discount Vouchers for faculty can now be ordered once every year which should enable you to order a new discount voucher. We appreciate your feedback as it allows us to continue improving the program.
      Please let me know if there is anything else we can help with.

  4. Mathieu St-Yves

    I have a question about academic licensing.
    I’m a computer science teacher in a educational establishment and we already bought anualy the VMAP bundle for our student purpose.
    Inside the bundle, there is a licence for ESXI server. Can you elaborate on allowed usage?
    Can we use it to manage our student vm?


  5. John H

    Could you please clarify the license terms for teaching VMWare.
    Reading to the letter it seems to imply that the lab license can be installed in labs used to teach it – so not on academics who support and deliver the courses.

    “Faculty members as well as staff directly involved in administering systems and providing support for program software may install the software on their personal computers” – are personal computers those that belong to the faculty members at home (non-institutional) or are these their institutional office computers they personally use at work to prepare lessons and perform marking? If the former only then how do faculty members who support the teaching of VM products get the same software on their office computers in order to prepare teaching and mark projects – we can’t expect them to just work at home on their own equipment?

  6. Bram Bruggers

    We want to use vrealize suite now, because vcloud was end of life.
    In the download is nsx offered but not a license for NSX.

    This is also when we order vsphere 6.5 we can download nsx but no license is offered.

    Where can we get a license for nsx so we can use this in the classroom.

    1. paflopes

      Both; included are Workstation for Windows and Linux (the same license shall be used for both), Player, Fusion for Mac, and bare-metal hipervisor, ESXi.

      I heard somewhere that Workstation for Linux has/will be dropped

  7. Damjan Demsar


    How can one get recognized as eligible for a purchase of the academic subsrtiption? I tried via the Kivuto’s portal, but can only select VMware academic subscription store as organization. I tried that, but my eligibility was denied, because it was not verified in allowed time. One department in our organization already has a departmental subscription (I can find their store), so our institution is approved. How can we now get another departmental subscription?

  8. Sonika

    Can the vSphere client files be used on Linux (Suse) machines as well? viclient-6.0 exe and VMvisor installer 6.0 iso.


  9. Mohamed shameem

    I am very much interested to apply for the VMAP

    But the students learning this can they appear for VMware vcp exam once they completed the course along with
    their degree

  10. Gunther Van Landeghem

    When will the new VMware ESXi 6.5 and vCenter 6.5 become available in OnTheHub? Only the older version 6.0 is available and I would like to start teaching the new version from next school year.

    1. Paulo Afonso Lopes

      Just download the 6.5 version from MyVMware (as a trial) and apply the 6.0 license.
      It is written somewhere (can’t remember where :-) that the 6.0 license is applicable to 6.5 software.

      I am currently using it, and it’s a fresh install, not an upgrade from 6.0.


  11. Ejoe

    This is Ejoe, Teaching Fellow from ICT Programme under Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. I have already sent more than 3 mails for asking the registration status, however there are no reply since last year. We are feeling so confused and VMWARE is not welcome to Government University to enroll the Academy Program. Please understand our complains…….

    Actually I hadalready filled in the google form since last year from https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aqJgVYaVDbGqN9o7dJqPYYAHD6db0IdAA58NxbuneFM/viewform?edit_requested=true .
    Can you advise how can we speed up the process for the VMWARE Academy Registrations.

  12. Vinay Chaudhary

    I completed the online application to try join our institution Western Community College nearly 3 weeks ago. I did not receive any reply so far. So, I filled the application again. May be lucky this time.

  13. Kevin Timo

    I’m wondering when it’ll be possible to download the new VMware ESXi and vCenter 6.5. Though there is the 365 day licence which shall ensure everytime the newest product downloads, there is still only the older version 6.0 in ELMS availible…

  14. Warren MacEvoy

    Two fairly restrictive aspects of this program: 1 license per user for 1 year.

    I don’t think I’m the only CS faculty (or student) with more than 1 computer. And the thought of 1 year renewals (in red they say they expire in 1 year, and you can’t ask for another for 1 year, so my life it now tied to VM license renewals?). This makes me think of the Mad Max scene at Joe’s citadel with the water distribution. At least the license should last 18 months so you have some window. And how about 2 licenses? Please, sir, may I have another?

    I understand this is costing VMWare, but it should not create a sense of dread in it’s potential customers. Kind of apologize for all the snark, but the policies deem worthy of it.

  15. Zaka Islam


    I have read through General Eligibility guidelines, which are

    Accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions worldwide offering 2-, 3- or 4- year programs (or equivalent) are eligible to participate in the program or

    Technical schools offering accredited degrees through distance education programs are also eligible to participate in the program, however my training institute does not be offer degree, we prepare students for certification, but do not offer degrees, so before we apply I want to run it by you to see if it is even worth applying given the circumstances

  16. Mandar Bhave

    This is Mandar Bhave from D.G.Rupare College ,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India.
    my institution wants to get associated with VMware Academic Program .Please guide us abt how to enroll for this

  17. Janet Szczech-Johnson


    Would you please send me the information on how to re-establish our Minnesota State Community and Technical College campus as a VMware Academy?

    Thank you,

  18. Adrian Coleșa

    Hi! I work in CS Department, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We would like joining the VMWare Academic Program because we need some of the VMWare products during some of our courses. Yet, it is not clear from your site if beside the annual academic subscription (e.g. that around 250 Euro) the academic institution must also buy VMWare courses and pay VMWare instructors for those course. Though, what we need is just staff and student software licenses.

  19. Mitzi Wright

    Wake Forest University is very interested in seeing if we could be enrolled in this program. We would also like to have our students use Fusion on their personal computers.

    Would like to be contact by a sales person.


  20. Dante Profeta

    Is VMware Academic Program available in Italy?
    What is the procedure to follow from a foreign country?
    Is there a domestic referent to contact?
    Thank you.

    1. Salvatore D'Auria

      Salve Dante,
      non so se ha già ricevuto risposta dal forum, ma puoi contattare direttamente VMware in Italia.
      Le lascio i miei riferimenti in quanto sono responsabile per il mercato dell’Università e ricerca del centro sud:
      Salvatore D’Auria
      Territory Manager
      VMware Italy
      Via Amsterdam 125 Roma
      mob. +39 3351359943


  21. Doyle McClellan

    I have been waiting for months to get this account set up. Earlier this month, I finally received a flurry of emails that said I was added to the system. However, the email address they said to use for logging in shows up as unregistered.

    I cannot find a phone number, the emails came from a “do not reply” script, and I have heard nothing new about logging in. The “Contact Us” form has yielded no results. I thought I had the answer when I saw an earlier comment had requested help and was given an email address to contact – until I realized the provided address of “vmwareitacademyprogramoffice.com” is not a valid email address.

    Can somebody post a valid email address or phone number for somebody to speak with about this?

  22. Yasir Iqbal

    Is the VMware Academy still operating? I completed the online application to try join our institution nearly 4 months ago. So far I have had no reply whatsoever. Am I just unlucky?

    1. VMware IT Academy Program

      Yasir – the team is up to date with the processing of all applications and we could not find your name in our database. Please send an email to vmwareitacademyprogramoffice.com with your name , your academic institution name, and when you applied.

      The VMware IT Academy Team

  23. Jim Pollard

    We just got a subscription and it’s just occurred to me that if I understand the licensing correctly I could create a VM with specific software installed and the license for that specific VM would expire at the end of the year from when it was created?

    1. Paulo Afonso Lopes

      It’s the hipervisor (ESXi, Workstation or Fusion)’s license that expires, not the VM license. If the VM is running a licensed guest OS (e.g., Windows, or Red Hat Linux, or Suse Linux) keeping a valid license is your responsability, not VMware’s. HTH

  24. Rob Skinner

    Is the VMware Academy still operating? I completed the online application to try join our institution nearly 3 weeks ago. A week ago I emailed a chasing inquiry. So far I have had no reply whatsoever. Am I just unlucky?

    1. VMware IT Academy Program

      Rob – the team is up to date with the processing of all applications and we could not find your name in our database. Please send an email to vmwareitacademyprogramoffice.com with your name , your academic institution name, and when you applied.

      The VMware IT Academy Team

  25. noushin ashrafi

    I am a faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston where we are a member or the VMWare Academic Program. I will be traveling to Austria on a Fulbright grant, on February 23, to teach a course to introduce virtualization technology and big data. I would like to speak to a person about possibility of using VMware Workstation in my course during my one semester stay at JKU Linz University in Austria. looking forward to your quick response.

    Noushin Ashrafi, PhD.
    Professor of Information Systems
    University of Massachusetts Boston

  26. Victor

    Hi, I work at IT Departament on a Higher Educational Institutional that already have a VMAP Subscription ( Campus).

    Besides teaching VMWare products, I would like to use VSphere and Vcenter in “administrative services”. I would like to confirm if I can do this usage of this license. If not, how can I have a discount to use it? As I am already paying for VMAP Subscription.


  27. Guillaume Michaud


    We are a department in a Cegep in Quebec, Canada (equivalent to a U.S. College) that teaches a variety of classes in computer science. In addition to our departement, our shcool also has an IT departement that provides IT services to the other departments through VMware licensing.

    Our department uses the VMware Academic Program to teach VMware products in some classes. We would like to expand the usage of the vCenter and vCloud licences to servers owned by the department in order to create virtual machines to support other classes, such as :

    SQL programming
    The students in this class send SQL requests to an Oracle server running on a virtual machine. Eventually, each team will be able to use vCloud to create their own Oracle instance.

    Code versionning
    The students in this class use virtual machines that host Team Fundation Server and Git instances.

    Web development
    Each team in this class will be able to create their own Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP instance through vCloud.

    In light of this information, we would like to know if the licences provided within the VMAP program could be used to fulfill our needs of an on demand server (IaaS).

  28. Tayyab Chaudhry

    I am a lecturer in Computer Science department at COMSATS Institute of IT, Lahore, Pakistan. I have checked the list of institutions in Lahore (Pakistan) and found that the COMSATS is registered on Kivuto’s portal. But when I login to On-the-hub, the VMware products are not there. Please add VMware products such as vSphere ESXi 5.5.x and vCenter Server 5.5.x so that I can launch the Virtualization Technologies course for undergraduates and Masters students. We have found that OpenStack is quite difficult to install and manage.

  29. Tiago Cruz

    I am considering the introduction of VMware as part of a Virtualization technologies course at my University. I will need to guide students through the process of building a simple virtualization infrastructure with certain capabilities (redundancy, vmotion, SAN integration), in a Lab environment. That is, to enable each student do be able to reproduce a scenario using vmware technologies and products, as part of a step-by-step learning process.

    Does the VMAP licensing allows me to do so ? Will a departmental license allow me to provide my students the ability to download and deploy VMware-based virtualization infrastructures in a Lab environment ?

    Thanks, in advance, for your help

  30. Saurabh Agarwal

    Hi, I am a faculty member at San Jose State University and am teaching the virtualization class this fall semester. I know that our department is registered in the VMWare academic licensing program, but I am having trouble finding the right person who administers this from within the computer engineering department. Is it possible for you to find and let me know the name and email of the person who administers the academic licenses from SJSU’s computer engineering department.

    If possible, could you email me at saurabh.agarwal@sjsu.edu

    Thank you for your help.
    Saurabh Agarwal

  31. Alvin Chua

    May I know where do my college fit in this program? I wish to deploy VMWare Workstations to all my lab’s computers so that our technical staff does not have to worry too much on corrupted OSes, unsolicited contents and unlicensed software. Please advise. Many thanks.

  32. Matyas Cserhati

    Dear VMWare,

    I sent you an application for an academic dept. license, and it seems you haven’t processed our request, I uploaded a paycheck statement validating my academic status, have you received this yet? Is my application valid?

    Thanks, MC

  33. Howard

    Are these academic licenses available to Vocational Technical High Schools? If not, can exceptions be made as our student are ready to roll with learning VMware products. We teach our kids Networking and would benefit if these licenses could be extended to Vocational Technical High Schools here in Massachusetts, USA. Our curriculum: http://www.doe.mass.edu/cte/frameworks/drafts/info-support.pdf
    Please kindly advise.

  34. Ross

    When someone writes an paragraph he/she maintains
    the thought of a user in his/her mind that how a user can know it.
    So that’s why this post is perfect. Thanks!

  35. Senthilkumar.s

    Warm Welcome from Kalvi Higher Education and Research Institute.

    We would like to intro ourselves that, since 2006, we are the pioneer academic institute in providing the lots of education oriented programmes for the development of the people. Based on that, we have tied up with State Govt. Universities and Central Govt. of India to run lots of Degree and diploma and IT related courses and as well as the Skill Development Courses also. We have located at Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

    Eagerly, we wish to conduct the authorized VMWare Training Program to serve the rural students and enhance the Open source skills. Based on that, we are sending this mail to you. Kindly let us know the possible factors to become a training partner with you.
    Herewith we have described some details for your perusal.
    Kalvi Trust, based at Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, registered under Indian Trust Act. We would like to request you that, Kindly let us know the VMWare details with all the eligibility criteria and other details also.

    Kindly do the needful at the earliest.

    Based on your fastest reply we have to discuss with our trust board members to make a fastest decision.

  36. Didier Boilevin

    At the IUT of Cachan (Institute of Technology close to Paris) which is part of
    the University of Paris-Sud (south) we are very interested by your VMware Workstation 10
    software and we intend to have a group of 20 persons (of which 14 are students,
    make use of it on about ten different Computers (Desktop and Laptops).
    This training and use (for educational purpose only) will be performed on short periods of about
    two monthes per year. A few teachers will also need to train for a longer period (3 to 4 monthes).
    How do you advise that we proceed ?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    Kind regards,

  37. J Johnson

    I have a licensed purchased through onthehub using my University’s portal there. I’m unable to find the VDP appliance (and maybe others, thats as far as I’ve gotten). Where do I download those additional components if they are not in my portal. I don’t see any way to tell http://my.vmware.com/ about my vSphere enterprise license and get access to those components. Its impossible to learn this stuff effectively if the environment can’t be complete.

  38. Patrick Ouellette

    Why can’t the Server side of the software licensing be run as with the VMware Workstation licensing (i.e. software is upgradable/patchable within the licensing year timeline, but renewal of the licensing is done yearly or by-annual.

    Right now, the Server licensing doesn’t allow for patching, upgrading, etc… unless it’s through the yearly upgrade.
    And having to re-install software yearly for servers used for academic demonstration and lab/practical use by students to learn about server management is cumbersome.

  39. Sekhar Mallampati


    I am Sekhar from University of Guyana. We are interested in VMware products. We would like to know the Academic Licensing option details.

    Sekhar Mallampati

  40. Tim Markwald

    Bob, I feel your frustration in this.

    Microsoft supplies their Virtualization products to us as part of the Technet package. As a VCP, it becomes very hard to justify VMWare as a viable product when they time-limit the use of the product to their own certified professionals.

    You’d think that as a benefit of being a VCP, you’d have some sort of access to the products beyond that of a normal ‘user’, and categorizing the VCP community as ‘end users’, which they did in this forum, is a real slap in the face.

    However, as a VCP, you do have the benefit of being able to purchase a shirt with VCP on it fro $40…..

  41. Dean

    I am an instructor at a for virtual school. Our organization currently owns enough licenses to address our staff, but we want to offer a new virtual lab to our students where we issue a VMware licenses for student use. We would like to use VMware in the above program. Most of our students are professionals who have influence over purchasing virtualization products.
    Our choice is simple either we give them Oracles product for free or we gain access to your product under the VMAP. We cannot afford to purchase a fusion or workstation product for each student.
    Please advise.

  42. Bryan Gulachenski

    Is this program open to non-profit education/research organizations? We’re a 501c(3) that performs with an educational and research mission to help reduce the proliferation of malware on the web. Our current testing environment, which we use to help website owners identify and remove malware from compromised sites, was developed when we were originally formed as a project at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. We need to upgrade, however, and cost is an issue since we are a small organization supported by corporate and individual donations. Thanks.

  43. Jin Lee

    I’m an admin user of my school’s VMAP store. We have been using vSphere 4.x, as well as 5.x for our virtualization lab computers, and I realized that the older version is not available from the webstore anymore. Some of our lab computers can’t run on 5.x, so I need a lab installation version of 4.x or allow students to download 4.x for their lab assignments/projects every semester. I emailed a request for vSphere 4.x to the webstore some time ago, but haven’t got any response. Who should I contact to resolve this? I need to prepare the lab before the new semester starts.

  44. Luis Lastra Cid

    Is there any email where I can contact you for detailed information about the use of this program? We have a few questions about which program we must aquire according to our scenary of use.

  45. Araceli Gisela García Luna

    El precio es por licencia o existe algún tipo de licencia que ampare más de 1 licencia, específicamente para VMWare Workstation?

  46. Josh Alcorn

    Will VMware be making vSphere/vCloud Suite 5.5 available through VMAP? If so, when? Currently our university only has access to 5.1. Thank you.

    1. smuir

      Josh, I believe the 5.5 releases should be available through VMAP at this point. Please let us know, or contact Kivuto (who manage the VMAP web portals) directly if that is not the case.

      1. Paulo Lopes

        Hi, almost 1 month has ellapsed since you said that vSphere 5.5 et al “should be available” through VMAP, but it still does not show up at the Kivuto offer.

  47. Saurav Kumar

    I work for higher ed school that should qualify for the program. For my research, I have one server with 2 CPU (8 cores); currently I am using the free version of hypervisor on it. I was thinking about trying VMware vSphere beyond the 60 days trial. Will the licence work for me and the 2 cpu? Also, I am not quite clear on what does the non acceptable example: “Software cannot be used for infrastructure purposes. Licenses acquired through the VMware Academic Program are for instructional, research and personal use only” mean. I am not researching vmware products, I will be using the VMs on the ESXi for my research.

    1. smuir

      Saurav, the vCloud Suite Standard license provided through VMAP entitles you to use 4 physical CPUs, potentially across multiple physical hosts, regardless of number of cores per CPU. It is acceptable to use the software to conduct research that is not targeting VMware’s products.

  48. Scott Wolfe

    I teach computer programming in a public K-12 school system and we are interested in taking part in the VMAP program. In the FAQs and in a previous response the term higher education institution is referenced as a requirement. However, when I go to the Kivuto web portal for subscriptions, I see K-12 as a choice for the type of school. When I do a search within our state, I see many K-12 public school systems and many K-12 private schools as current members of the VMAP program. Can K-12 school systems that teach technical subjects be a part of the VMAP program?

    1. Bill Doherty

      Thank you. I am looking into the ITAcademy now. We are not yet ready to offer VMWare courses, but it appears to be a good way to work toward that goal.

  49. Bill Doherty

    I am using a VMAP license for ESXi 4.1 that expires next month. I can get a new license for ESXi 5, but it is not practical to upgrade my server in the middle of a teaching term. How can I renew my ESXi 4.1 license?

    1. smuir

      Bill, we will contact you offline to resolve your issue. A notification about the removal of vSphere 4 from the store was sent out earlier in the year, but if you are not listed as an administrator for your org you may not have received it.

      1. Joseph

        My university is has the same problem as Bill Doherty. Except our license for ESXi 4.1 and vCenter 4.1 did expire (really stupid oversight on our part). Since we’re in the middle of a semester we can’t upgrade to versions 5 either right now. We have renewed our VMAP subscription and need a way to renew the licenses for our current product version for at least the remainder of the semester.

        Kivuto support, who manage the webstore, gave me the URL and phone number for VMware support as apparently this sort of problem isn’t their area. I have logged a support on VMware’s website and later called the phone number for VMware. The person who answered the phone had no knowledge of the VMAP program and kept putting me on hold to ask around. I got transferred to the education department (which seems to handle certification and training).

        Please tell me there’s some way to resolve this problem.

  50. Manuel Koschuch

    Will VMWare Workstation 10 also be available in the VMAP Store? And if so, when? I’m currently trying to use VMWare in a Ubuntu 13.04 based lab, and the VMWare Workstation 9 support for this OS is…let’s call ist unsteady. The trial version of VMWS 10 runs smooth.

    Currently I can only find VMWare Workstation 7, 8 and 9 in the VMAP store…

    1. smuir

      Yes, Workstation 10 will be available. As it was not released until this week it will be added to the subscription stores in the next monthly update (October). Fusion 6 will also be added.

  51. Ruediger

    Is Horizon View included in theAcademic Licensing Program? We have bought your subscription but I can’t find the Horizon Suite for download on the Kivuto Website. If Horizon View is not included – what can we do to use it without having to re-install the trial version every 60 days?

    1. smuir

      No, View is not available through this program. Given that the focus of the VMAP Licensing Program is on providing software to end users for individual use, it was not felt that the View product was a good fit for inclusion. I’m not aware of any programs that provide View for longer term trial use, but our sales teams may be able to give you better advice.

  52. jon

    I paid for the VMAP subscription believing that I would be able to work with vMotion and failover. Now it appears that I can only install one copy of vSphere at a time. The program seems to have changed since I first looked into it. What are my options? Can I get the subscription money refunded?

    1. smuir

      Jon, there have been some minor changes to the way that the program is run since the beginning of this year, but they haven’t actually changed any practical details on the use of the software; users were only ever able to receive a single license for each product. If you wish to request a refund please contact Kivuto and they will handle that.

      1. David

        I am confused. What is the point of having vSphere at all if you can’t have two ESXi hosts within your vCenter? Why even provide vCenter Standard and not vCenter Foundation? Or frankly, why even offer vCenter let alone vCloud Director. If we want to teach vSphere, we need Enterprise Plus. If we need to teach a dozens of classes multiple levels of programming classes, we will need a multiple hosts with DRS, etc. to make sure our performance is reasonable from hour to hour/class to class as well as to optimize our equipment. So just what is the use case for providing vSphere for instructional use?? Even for Research use, as the IT administrator, I don’t want to have to buy a server for every researcher, I will want to set up a central pool with full services.

        I can see lots of use cases for Workstation, but I am just not seeing a use case for a single ESXi host, with vCenter and no VMotion.

        1. smuir

          David, you can have multiple vSphere hosts within a cluster: the vSphere license key supports either 2 or 4 CPUs (vSphere standalone and vCloud Suite respectively), which can be split across multiple hosts. The intent with the offering of vSphere/vCloud is not, in fact, to support creation of labs entirely with free licenses, but to give individuals the opportunity to build a ‘personal’ lab for their own experience and education.

          1. David

            Then I don’t understand your answer to Jon and what his problem was? Besides, if I were a student wanting to play with vSphere, or an instructor wanting to teach vSphere, then I would need Enterprise Plus so that I could setup Distributed Switches, etc. vCloud director would also need distributed switches for VXLAN and other features. What about NSX support with 5.5? Now there is something that I want to play with.

            1. smuir

              The confusion surrounding my answer to Jon arises from the fact that every license key has an associated ‘CPU capacity’ value, which is either 2 or 4 CPU in the case of the VMAP vSphere offerings. Even though an individual can only receive a single license key (per product, per year), that license key does allow them to use vSphere on multiple CPUs (which can span multiple hosts). I’m not aware of a way to verify the capacity of a license key prior to installing it in vCenter.

          2. David

            I do see that the page above does say vCloud Suite Standard, which would imply Enterprise Plus, but the following line only says Enterprise. So is that a typo? Is Enterprise Plus licenses included?

            1. smuir

              You are correct that there is a discrepancy, it arose as part of the growth of the program. Prior to the launch of vCloud Suite we offered vSphere Enterprise, not Enterprise Plus. Earlier this year we added vCloud Suite to the program offering, which includes entitlement for vSphere Enterprise Plus, but we did not change the standalone vSphere offering. There is also another minor discrepancy in that the standalone vSphere Enterprise offering includes 4 CPU entitlement, whereas that vCloud Suite license includes only 2 CPU entitlement.

              In the near future we will resolve these issues in the course of simplifying and streamlining the program: the only vSphere/vCloud offering will be vCloud Suite Standard, with 4 CPU capacity; vCenter Standard will also be provided as it is still only available as a standalone license.

              1. David

                Thank you, that clears it up. I hope that Jon reads these following threads, as I would guess that he used the vCloud Suite license with only 2 CPUs, and setup his virtual ESXi host with 2 single core virtual processors (the default) and not with a single dual core processor, thus using up all his licenses in a single ESXi host. Thus with a minor change, he can resolve his primary concerns.

                In a further comment for future discussion: While this arrangement would cover the vast majority of situations, it would be interesting in the future to bump this to vCloud Suite Enterprise to allow for testing/teaching of SRM and the other advanced features in the higher level suite. Food for thought. Thank you.

    1. smuir

      Hi Jenny. No, the VMAP Licensing Program is a separate program, completely separate from academic buying and any other academic discounts.

  53. smuir

    Thanks for your interest in our program Bob. Unfortunately the VMAP Licensing program is only available to higher education institutions, not directly to individuals. I’m not aware of a program designed for end users, sorry.

  54. Robert Bennett

    I would like to purchase this for personal use. I am a VCP and would like to build a lab for testing. Can i use this program or is there a program that I might be eligible for?

    1. Stephen Price

      Here is what I did. All VMware products have a free trial of 30 days. Simply install what you need for testing. At the end of 30 days, create a second install, and migrate your VMs.


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