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VMware Academic Research Awardees Spring 2011

VMware Academic Research Awardees Spring 2011

VMware is pleased to announce the Spring 2011 recipients of the VMware Academic Research Awards. Proposals were solicited in the area of Performance Management Challenges in Virtualized Environments. Congratulations to the following PIs and their research groups!

Energy Efficient and Reliable Server Consolidation for the Cloud

Research to use the analysis of thermal sensor and other telemetry data to inform resource management decisions  in large-scale datacenter and cloud environments to create advanced power management capabilities and also to improve application resilience by coupling proactive fault detection with virtual machine live migration.

Ayse Coskun, Assistant Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Boston University

Hardware Performance Monitoring of Scientific Applications in VMware Environments

Research into the semantics of performance counter virtualization to enable the use of the widely-used Performance Application Programming Interface (PAPI) in virtual HPC compute environments. High Performance Computing is one of VMware’s core interest areas — to learn more check out the HPC blog on the Office of the CTO community.

Shirley Moore, Research Associate Professor at the Innovative Computing Laboratory in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of Tennessee
Dan Terpstra,  Research Lead for the PAPI Project in the Innovative Computing Laboratory in the Computer Science Department at University of Tennessee

Flexible Computing with VM Fork

Research in the area of rapid, scale-out cloning and customization of virtual machines, including the issues related to subsequent contraction of resources to enable true elasticity within a cloud environment.

Eyal de Lara, Associate Professor, Computer Systems and Networks Group in the Department of Computer Science and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto

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