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2013 VMware Academic Research Symposium – Break Out Sessions

2013 VMware Academic Research Symposium – Break Out Sessions

Thursday, July 18 – 11:45am – 1:00pm

Topic: Security
Session Leads: Jim Wiese & Iain Mulholland
Location: FunList

Topic: Storage
Session Lead: Curt Kolovson
Location: Helpzilla
Description: The Storage Breakout session will be an open discussion about Software-Defined Storage, as well as trends in the areas of Cloud Storage, scale-out storage architectures, and Quality of Service. There will be Senior Technical Staff from VMware’s Storage team to participate in the discussion.

Topic: Machine Learning & Automation/Mgmt
Session Leads: Xiaoyun Zhu & Anne Holler
Location: M&M
Description: The session will feature several speakers:

  • Xiaoyun Zhu – Brief intro of the session and speakers (1 min.)
  • Anne Holler – Introduction to vAppDRM (10 min)
  • Rean Griffith – Wisdom of Virtual Crowds-Mining Datacenter Telemetry to Collaboratively Debug Performance (20 min.)
  • Pradeep Radala – vScale-Automated Scaling of Stateful Multi-tier Applications using Reinforcement Learning (20 min.)

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