About VMware Labs

VMware Labs is our home for collaboration. We see collaboration as the information exchange that takes place internally and externally. Here, you can play around with the latest innovations coming out of VMware and share feedback and ideas directly with our engineers. VMware Labs is also the place where VMware engineers can share their cool and useful tools with you. With this in mind, Labs is made up of the following components:


Our engineers work on tons of pet projects in their spare time, and are always looking to get feedback on their projects (or “flings”). Why flings? A fling is a short-term thing, not a serious relationship but a fun one. Likewise, the tools that are offered here are intended to be played with and explored. None of them are guaranteed to become part of any future product offering and there is no support for them. They are, however, totally free for you to download and play around with them!


We write a lot of papers at VMware. We’ve lassoed everything together in one place for you so you can search for academic papers, white paper, and technical reports written by our employees.


We have a strong history of working with and supporting the academic community. VMware’s roots lie in collaborative work and we continue to pursue exciting and ground-breaking research projects. Find out about our current sponsored research projects and download a request for proposal. We invite students and faculty members to participate in research projects and internships with us.


VMware sponsors a host of academic conferences throughout the year; these conferences are a great opportunity to meet our engineers who are often there presenting papers or giving talks.

VMware Labs contains a wide range of information and we want to provide you with a centralized place to go for unique, cool and useful content. Our engineers are constantly coming up with new and interesting tools, papers, and other material. We encourage you to browse through, check out our tools and give us your feedback.

About VMware

VMware (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity and enable more flexible, agile service delivery. VMware accelerates an organization’s transition to cloud computing, while preserving existing IT investments and enabling more efficient, agile service delivery without compromising control. With more than 190,000 customers and 25,000 partners, VMware helps organizations of all sizes lower costs, preserve freedom of choice and energize business through IT while saving energy—financial, human and the Earth’s.